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Diets Dont Work, The Flaw In The Design Of All Low Calorie Diets, and Fad Diets!

In this Diets Dont Work article, which is the 3rd part of the 2nd Chapter, I will explain the flaw in the design of all low calorie diets and fad diets, and why they will never help you to create permanent fat loss!

Statistics prove completely that using low calorie diet and fad diet approaches never works in the long run. If they did work, we would not have the outrageous weight and obesity problem that we have today.And it is getting worse year after year!

According to the National Institute of Health, there are over 100 million overweight people in the United States. That’s more than half of the adult population! so in theory diets dont work in the U.S.!.

Globally there are over 1.7 billion overweight people, and these numbers keep climbing every year.

Today there are more low calorie diets, fad diets, weight loss products, andfat burning products than ever before, but they do not seem to be really making much of a difference in helping people create permanent fat loss!

The idea behind all low calorie and fad diets is simply to help you somehow lower the number of calories that you consume during the day. That is all they are really designed to do!

A low calorie diet is a willpower strategy where you try to “force” yourself to eat less food in exchange for weight loss.

A fad diet is where you try to lower your net daily calorie expenditureby consuming your daily calories mostly from one food group.

To help you create fast weight loss, most of the low calorie and fad diet approaches suggest extremely low daily caloric intakes: about 800 to 1200 for women and about 1500 to 1800 for men.

Whenever you lower your food consumption, and severely restrict your daily calorie intake, obviously you will produce some short term results. The problem is that in the long run — you will always gain this weight back!

No one has the willpower to walk around hungry all day, thinking about nothing but food. This is exactly why trying to starve off your unwanted body fat is without a doubt — the most ineffective weight lossstrategy that you can use.

This whole concept of low calorie and fad dieting has a major flaw in its design, and I can’t understand why this type of approach continues to be so popular, especially taking into account it’s 99.9% failure rate!….diets dont work…you bet!.

To me it seems that low calorie and fad dieting is a perfect example of where hope continues to win over common sense!

And why are there are so many so-called experts pushing these diets to their customers? This completely shocks me, since I am convinced that the majority of them know that their approaches are ineffective and only work in the short term.

My only answer is that it is much easier to make money from people when you promise them a quick fix, instead of being completely honest with them,and explaining what it really takes to lose unwanted body fat permanently!

By creating my weight loss system, I have chosen to take a different path than most of these “so-called” weight loss experts, and am going to tell you the whole truth about what it really will take to create permanent fat loss and bring into reality the body of your dreams!

The fact that diets dont work has to become a part of the global awareness, and only then the global obesity problem can be completely solved!

Proper nutrition and exercise is the path that leads to the creation of irreversible, long-term weight loss success, and once you completely understand this, you will be able to create a lean, attractive body overflowing with health and vitality!

From here you can go back to the weight loss diet to read all the other parts of Chapter 2!

Updated: August 26, 2013 — 12:07 am

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