Weight Loss Tips & Secrets

Weight Loss Tips & Secrets


Diet Weight Control – What You Need To Know

For a long time people have been looking for the magical way to lose weight NOW! Unfortunately there has not been any miracle cure to the old problem of keeping it off.

While there is no miraculous instant weight loss trick, you can take steps to speed things along without resorting to a quick weight loss diet.

You maybe consuming too many calories? Or, the problem might be that you’re eating too few. In some people their metabolism rate can slow by 30% from years of crush dieting. To get it back on track, you’ll need to eat enough calories to fuel your basal metabolic rate (BMR).

You can find BMR calculators online, which can help you calculate what your body requires each day. If you exercise or have a physically demanding job, you will need more. Check your diet to make sure your getting calories from whole grains, nuts, lean protein, fruit and vegetables.

Don’t be put off if you get an initial slight weight gain; your body needs time to repair itself. It may take a few weeks or months but once you have the appropriate number of calories the weight will start to shed away as your metabolism rate speeds up.

Once you start sticking to a balanced diet you should find yourself losing a pound a week or up to two ponds a week with regular exercise.

That’s right exercise!

The problem with most fast weight loss programs is they fail to include exercise. These types of diets seem only to encourage eating very little in a way to lose weight. While that can lead to a quick initial weight loss, the weight will come back when you start to eat normally again. Further, these types of fast weight loss diets don’t offer the same health benefits as combine regular exercise and a balanced diet.

Research clearly shows the most beneficial exercise plan combine both strength and cardio work. If you have a lot of stress in your life, you should also consider yoga for stretching and relaxation. You should aim to do between three to five hours cardio plus one or two hours strength training per week. This will have a significant effect on your fitness level and body shape.

Exercise provides all kinds of health benefits. You will find that you have better moods, sleep and a stronger and more lean body. There are enhanced benefits for your heart and a reduced risk of other diseases like type 2 diabetes. These are perks that quick weight loss diets cannot offer.

Don’t do Starvation Diets!

The tales of celebrities who drank nothing but lemonade with maple syrup and cayenne pepper to slim down for a role, but…. So what happens next? Well almost always they just regain the weight just a quickly as they lost it.

Keep you body balanced, you don’t need this extra stress. At best, you’ll end up tired, hungry, grouchy, dehydrated, and heavier than before. Alternatively, this can cause severe problems to you metabolism, making it near impossible to lose the weight in the future even if you consume less calories.

To maintain a healthy weight, your body needs to be healthy. Feed it right, move it often, and give it the hydration it needs to perform at its peak.

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