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Weight Loss Tips & Secrets


diet tips for weight loss and general fitness

hey I’m Jim from Jim’s health and muscle.

I’m a self-published author who provides advice gleaned from my own personal business endeavors and these range from long distance running and stamina to bodybuilding competition and a bunch of stuff in between and as I’m new to making videos i decided that it’d be great to start with the basics and how to lay a solid foundations for any fitness venture so if I’d never done any exercise before i was totally unfit and out of shape but I knew what I know now this information in this series is where I’d start.

Now if this sounds like something that might help you you might want to get into follow you can go back and revisit the first steps in a short series and start from there, these are all actionable steps you can take i’ll put a link in the description far we’ve gone through finding your reason and the development of positivity and mental robustness yes the first two steps don’t include anything about exercise or diet but in my opinion mental prep and mental preparation and planning is a must if you really do want to achieve.

because of I’ve said it in the other videos but fitness & fat loss goals to achieve them is hard work whoever you are and if you’re new to it as well as your first attempt we’ve never had the results before it’s even harder and I totally understand that With a fitness venture you will be tested a significant amount more mentally then you will be physically and these tests will at times be unrelenting so having a strong mental focus is vital now

I probably sound like I’m laying it on thick and I do any other videos as well but i really do understand how hard it is to actually achieve fitness fat loss or building muscle to achieve these goals I know how hard it is and I don’t want anyone to be under any illusion but i will say however that when you do see your first fitness results and anyone who’s gone gone through this and got there will tell you and now understand this but this one of the most satisfying feelings and really does work to keep motivating and keep pushing forward

So that’s one of the biggest motivators please just get in there just getting there not many people do so again said this before please take the prep seriously and I’ve actually been been slammed and and had several one-star reviews for some my books out there because I always put a big focus on planning and the mental preparation and what’s needed before i put the exercise routines in my book exercise routines are the backhand or halfway through, that kind of thing and what I do like to focus on the mental prep because that’s what makes a difference

I wanna i wanna make sure everyone that reads my things my books or watches these videos I want to make sure everyone gets there so this is your best bet now in these these one-star reviews they probably do damage my book sales but it’s more frustrating to me that the people wanting to change and wanting to to get their fitness results and effectively change their life and push the important steps at the beginning, they push that aside and miss the point anyway this is the third set now and

I want to talk about diet and self educating first off when someone new to fitness wants to start plan or has a fitness goal and they want somewhere to start diet is sometimes their first step and someone in this position may hear the words diet and automatically think: “oh I need to start drinking just water and eating salad for a few weeks and then i’ll be on my diet”.

But the way I and probably most of the people who are invested long-term in the fitness game look at it is that everyone who is alive is already on a diet some are on terrible diets some are on good diets, some are on yo-yo diets some people don’t eat enough food on their diet and some eat way too much if you don’t already think like me though here’s a definition of the word diet and this is how if someone asked me what how do you look at diet this is how i would this is how I look at it and how I would describe it now the word diet means: “The food that you eat on a daily basis throughout your life”.

Simple….Feel free to take this and make it stick and encourage you to do this if you’re someone who associates the word diet with anything but what I just said if you do this and take this definition as literal it should cause a mindset shift and make you understand that the effect of short-term diets has short-term results so obviously the effect of a long-term diet something you can sustain for over years we’ll have a long-term effect

So everyone’s heard it you are what you eat and there that’s probably quite true here so i would encourage anyone who asks me for dietary advice to look at long-term options long-term sustainable diet options will make for long-term results from a professional point of view diet nutrition is very complex so you can easily get overwhelmed.

On my senior fitness instructors course that I took, we scratched the surface and i found that pretty challenging it was it was deep there the information we were we were taken on board and you know that but for personal use you only need to know a few basics and follow a few simple rules that get some major will get you some major results so without making it too too complicated which to be fair you don’t really need to do.

You can keep it basic and you can get some really good results from this and then if you want to you can start researching and looking more into the effect of different nutrition and that kind of thing and believe me you could do a university course on this kind of thing it’s it’s that complex unless I just couldn’t handle it because my brain is not like that but there are five things that you can start to use right away keeping it simple and getting great results from so first rule: “self-educate”.

It may sound basic and condescending but you should revisit learn and understand the five main food groups and understand what the nutrition in each group does if you need information on these there’s tons of stuff about this on the internet.

Learn what should make up the majority of your diet learn watch you should cut out or drastically cut down and don’t underestimate the power of self and education information that you find out for yourself tends to stick more and I can attest to that ok number to the next two weeks create food diary, this can be the same notebook that you used for your positivity and mental robustness that we discussed in video 2.

The idea of this is that you you take it everywhere with you so pocket-sized thing would be great take it everywhere with you and write down a note everything that you eat and drink and that’s everything without exception so cups of coffee, snacks every meal anything that you put into your mouth and sugary drinks are one people tend to miss out so absolutely everything that you eat, and if you do this for the two weeks you will see that maybe you are eating more than you think you are or focusing on food groups that you shouldn’t be focusing on and what tends to happen with people is that they will they will start this and eventually a few days in that they’ll think oh I don’t really want to write that down.

I’ve just in that don’t but if if you get there that’s a good thing that is because then you know that you’re that you’re doing something that you shouldn’t be or that might be detrimental to your fitness success and so you do this be honest with yourself that was another point mentioned in another video be honest with yourself because you know you doing this for you at the end of the day so and so that’s number to get yourself food diary do that okay number three cut down your portion sizes and slow you’re eating down everyone’s guilty of this and I’m not an exception personally I can eat two large pizzas and with extra pepperoni and the garlic dipping sauce oh yeah.

I could do that in one shot but I obviously don’t do this every day and I mentioned a “cheat night” in one of the other videos which is for another video don’t think about that yet, its in the future but but yes that’s insane it’s an insane amount of food to eat and the calories that I’m putting in and does my body really need that no way does it does! If I was only given like four of these pizza slices I probably be more than satisfied if I took my time with it so if you eat slower you are more satisfied before you finished what you’ve got on your plate and this is this is like a a fact people have done experiments on this and a good tip that I have picked up from some where else.

I cant remember where it was but if you’re using a knife and fork to eat your meals with take a bite and every time you’ve got a bite in your mouth and your chewing put your knife and fork down and then once you’ve finished pick your knife and fork up again and rinse and repeat and I’ve tried this myself and it really does work it fills you up a lot quicker so you you don’t actually overeat so that’s something you might want to try number four plan your meals a week in advance and this might sound like a real pain a massive inconvenience and a lot of work.

But it’s really not that bad the more you do it the more natural it’ll be most people do weekly shop so you can get everything that you need on that shop on that day and this will make it easier for you to plan your meals and if you need some good meal choices and you haven’t done so already I’ve taking care of this view I’ve got a PDF that you can use, I’ll put a link in the description as well these are some of the things that I’ve created myself that a low-fat and all that jazz they’re good for anyone mrs.

James health and muscle like these because she’s been the guinea pig throughout my experiments so give that ago so plan your meals a week in advance so you know what you’re doing and it’s easy to keep track of number five don’t eat late at night before you go to bed if your main aim is to lose body fat you should have already eaten before you go to sleep some people may disagree but it makes sense that if your body is going to be inactive and it’s it is being fueled that fuel is more likely to be stored as fat so for now if you’re starting off as a beginner go to bed hungry.

Number six don’t expect results right away this is a big one stay consistent and it will happen after implementing these things you should stay consistent find your flow and develop your routine routine is a big one massive you need to stick with it you won’t happen overnight so i challenge you to make these changes and continue to do this the next four weeks at least if you can do this in conjunction with a regular exercise routine you will get your results no questions no there’s a fair bit of info in there and some actionable steps that you might want to take one at a time some people find it easier to jump in with both feet other people find it easier.

To you know do one of the routine one of the changes each week so they all add up but if you take those steps however you do it make the steps and stay consistent you’ll be great but I hope it was useful and hope that if you are interested in real life changing fitness and weight loss results that you do take action because at the end of the day that’s where you get your results from so as always if you’ve got any questions.

Give me a shout and more than happy to help where I can and I really want to see you succeed with this your fitness endeavours, so I am here to help so please take action follow these steps and the next video in line: this is where most people start is choosing your exercise routine so I look forward to that one and thanks for watching I’ll see you later.

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