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Diet Doc Hormone Diets & Weight Loss Plans Now Offer Immediate Weight Loss Diet Support, Found to be More Effective than the Self-Help Approach

Memphis, TN (PRWEB) November 30, 2013

Reaching goals in life is always easier with a support group, so it is not surprising that a new study by Baylor College of Medicine suggests that following a community-based weight loss diet will help dieters lose more weight that those who are trying to lose weight on their own. Although the study used a meeting based system as their diet model, it focused on the importance of having a strong support group in place while following a weight loss diet. Diet Doc recognizes this integral part of reaching weight loss goals and offers their clients unlimited access to their team of weight management professionals, six days per week, unlike programs like meeting based diet systems that require their clients to travel to a clinic for personal support.

As reported on by Medical News Today, this new study took place over a period of six months and divided participants into two groups – one with a support system and another following a self-help weight loss diet. Researchers found that those following the support group, in this case a meeting based system, were eight times more likely to achieve a 5% fat loss when compared with those subjects in the self-help group. These results determined what Diet Doc has long known, that the chances of completing a successful weight loss diet are much higher with a strong support center. And, Diet Doc has found that requiring their clients to travel to a clinic or meetings reduces the effectiveness of that support.

Once a patient decides to begin a Diet Doc weight loss diet, they only need to complete a confidential, online health questionnaire and schedule a consultation with a specially trained Diet Doc physician. This initial consultation, and each consultation following, will take place over the phone or the internet and in the comfort and privacy of the patient’s home or office. And, because Diet Doc is committed to providing weight management guidance at a time that is most convenient to the patient, each consultation can be scheduled at a time of the patient’s choosing. This personalized approach to weight loss dieting, something meeting based systems do not offer their clients, has made Diet Doc the nation’s leader in medically supervised weight management.

Diet Doc programs also offer prescription hormone diet treatments that target fat in hard to reach areas of the body while suppressing the appetite. This powerful combination, along with the support of the Diet Doc team, allows patients to see fast and effective results without struggling through cravings or temptations to overeat. And, these impressive results have allowed some patients to lose up to almost a pound of excess and embarrassing fat per day.

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