Weight Loss Tips & Secrets

Weight Loss Tips & Secrets


Develop a Positive Mindset and Lose Weight Successfully

Believe it or not, your mind and thoughts can make or break your weight loss plans. I am not the only one saying this; even the scripture says so: “As a man thinks in his heart so is he.” (Proverbs 23:7) The presence of a positive mind is important for you to be successful in weight loss.

Mindset makes a man – you become what you think. If you think negative all the time, you will never be able to lose weight successfully even if you follow the most expensive and popular weight loss plan. In this article I will try to prove my point.

1. Thoughts about exercises: If you think that exercises are too hard and boring, it is no wonder that you are unable to extract the most out of your workout routine.

If you think you have no time for exercise, it actually means that you don’t like exercises in the first place, because we humans are always able to make time for the things we love to do!

These thought patterns are hindering your weight loss efforts in a big way. Unless you take pleasure and interest in doing workouts, unless you make your workouts fun and interesting, you won’t be able to derive the maximum benefits out of them. Consequently, you won’t be able to lose weight!

2. Thoughts about diet: Do you think that your diet is pretty boring? Do you feel deprived of your junk foods all the time?

Such thoughts can surely make your diet plan ineffective. If you don’t like your current food plan, if you continuously crave for junk foods, then I can predict that you won’t be able to follow the diet for very long.

A day will come (and it will come very soon) when, being fed up of your dietary restrictions, you will “cheat:” on your diet by eating junk foods all over again. That would make you even fatter than before!

3. Thoughts about yourself: More than anything else, you need to love yourself in order to lose weight. It is okay that people regard you as an idiot and dull person just because you happen to have a protruding belly, but you know who you are, right? People may hate you because of your flabby arms, but you shouldn’t hate yourself.

I had a friend who hated himself very much for his fat tummy. He followed a popular diet plan. One day he became fed up of himself and his diet, and started eating junk foods because he thought that the bad shape in which his body is, it won’t get any worse, no matter what hew does! That was the day when he quit his diet program,

As you can see, your mindset plays a big role in weight loss. There is no magic formula for developing a positive mindset, and it won’t happen overnight either! But you can start by following some simple steps.

1. Regard your body a gift from God and worship it

2. Discard junk foods from your life and start eating healthy foods – foods that are provided to man by nature.

3. Move your body a bit. Whenever you find exercises boring, think that God doesn’t like idle people (which is why He punished you by making you overweight). That should be a good motivation for you to continue with your workouts!

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