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Weight Loss Tips & Secrets


Creating A Single Minded Focus!

Creating a Single Minded Focus….to reach and then maintain your ideal body weight for life you will need to produce Non-Stop Motivation, and you will need to use a simple system that will allow you to adjust your approach as you learn what’s working and what’s not working in your weight loss program.

The goal setting technique that I am going to teach you in this chapter will help you to accomplish both of these.

But, in addition to this, it will also help you to create a structure that will advance, and that will show you the exact steps that you have to take to reach your major health goal.

You see, if you truly want to create the body of your dreams you have to know how to form an advancing structure in your weight loss program. The goal setting chart in this chapter is the tool that you will use for accomplishing this objective.

I created this tool for myself in 1994, and it is very simple and very powerful. Once you create a structure that advances you will tap into an energy source that will help you to go from where you are in the present moment to where you want to be in the nearest future.

Creating a Single Minded Focus….this never-ending energy source will help you to create the single minded focus that is necessary for you to hit the main target in your weight loss program. This will be the Non-Stop Motivation that will make it possible for you to go through the hardest parts of your weight loss journey without quitting or giving up!

How The Goal Setting Strategy Was Created!

Creating a Single Minded Focus….one evening I was sitting and talking with my wife Anna, and she was telling me what she learned while she was in archery school. This was right before my 24th birthday, when I reached 285 pounds.

For almost eight years I have been trying to use dieting combined with a few different motivation strategies to lose weight, but instead of losing weight, I just kept gaining more and more.

As my wife kept explaining the process that the archers go through to hit bull’s-eye using the bow and arrow, for some reason the light went off in my head. As I visualized everything that she was telling me, all of a sudden I understood the biggest mistake that I have been making in my weight loss approach for the last six years!

At the end of this page you will find out exactly what this mistake was. But first, let me explain why this story about the archer, and the bow and the arrow was so profound for me, and why it changed my life forever.

Creating a Single Minded Focus….archers understand the principle of tension and they learn to master it. The archers know exactly what the target is, and simultaneoulsy they are aware of their current reality.

This helps them to put just the right amount of tension on the bow to make sure that the arrow hits the main target that they are aiming at.

Creating the body of your dreams is very similar to this. Like an archer pulling back the arrow, you can aim structural tension toward your chosen major health goal. This action of straining the bow before you release the arrow, establishes the critical tension so that your action will have the greatest chance of reaching your main target.

But before we get to the goal setting chart, and create structural tension, we have to define structure, what it is, what it does, and exactly how you can use it to create permanent fat loss.

We also have to cover the structural phenomenon called structural conflict, which is one of the major reasons why so many people cannot create permanent fat loss!

The Definition Of Structure

Creating a Single Minded Focus….it is very important to understand that structure is a force of nature, and not some kind of psychological notion. Structure is an impersonal entity that is undivided, complete and total. A structure can be physical or non-physical. The way anything is structured will always determine the behavior within that structure!

Within this single whole entity there are parts that relate to one another. When these parts interact, they set up tendencies, inclinations toward movement. These parts, elements, or factors within the structure have a special relationship to each other. They are connected and they impact all of the other elements of the structure.

Everything has an underlying unifying structure. For example, the structure of an effective weight loss strategy includes the end result that you want to create, the body type you were born with, the state of your health, your nutrition habits, your exercise habits, your total body weight, your lean body mass, and your total body fat weight.

Creating a Single Minded Focus….in addition to these, the structure of an effective weight loss strategy will include your time commitment and all of the other elements that are connected and in some way impact everything that you do while you are moving toward creating your major health goal.

Below we will cover the structure of conventional diets. The structure of these “in-effective” nutrition strategies oscillates instead of advancing. This example will show you exactly why you must avoid low calorie and fad dietswhen trying to create permanent fat loss!

Dieting Has A Flaw In Its Structure

Creating a Single Minded Focus….research has shown that over 95% of the people who lose weight, eventually gain it all back within three years. Beyond three years that failure rate is even worse. In reality, very few people can lose significant weight and keep it off.

The FDA has declared that not one single company in the entire weight lossindustry can show a record of helping their customers to produce long-termweight loss success.

This is an incredible indictment of an entire industry. But the world is completely oblivious to the astounding failure rate of the different weight loss diets and weight loss products that continue to be sold to the global consumers on a daily basis!

In this part of the manual I will show you in full detail the major flaw that all conventional low calorie diets and fad diets have in their design, and will explain why they can’t help you to create permanent fat loss.

Creating a Single Minded Focus….this example is very important because once you understand the major distinction that is being made here; it will help you to completely avoid using them in the future, and at the same time you will understand what makes an advancing structure different from structural conflict!

Billions Of People Are Suffering Because Of The Flaw In The Structure Of Dieting!

The first thing I want to say is that I was caught in this structure for many years myself. This is why I know that it is a reality that many people are living with on a daily basis.

Creating a Single Minded Focus….the major reason why I decided to make this knowledge available to the world is simple: I finally understood that unless this information gets out and becomes common knowledge, billions of people will continue to suffer around the world.

And, just like with the archer story, one day it just hit me! I finally realized that I can be the person that starts The Permanent Fat Loss Movement, and with the help of other folks can spread this message around the world using the internet.

This is why after using this information to create the body of your dreams I hope that you will join me in The Permanent Fat Loss Movement and together we can help everyone that is suffering from being overweight to create permanent fat loss!

The structural conflict that I am going to cover below “without a doubt” was the major reason why I reached 285 pounds, and could not lose it no matter what weight loss strategy that I tried to use.

When I became aware of this phenomenon, it became apparent to me that to create permanent fat loss I will have to use a completely different strategy and a completely different approach to lose all the unwanted body fat that I had at that time.

Creating a Single Minded Focus….but, before we cover the new strategy that I used, let’s look at how most people become overweight in the first place, and how they attempt to solve this problem through dieting.

Here Is The Structure Of Conventional
Low Calorie Diets And Fad Diets

Everything starts with food!

Food is one of life’s greatest pleasures, and when you are hungry and consume the amount of food that your body can completely “burn off” during the day, you will always maintain your current weight.

But, if for some reason you choose to consume more calories than you body can “burn off” during the day, you will gain weight.

Creating a Single Minded Focus….the most important thing to understand is this: Both hunger and becoming overweight create a tension. When you are hungry, this sets up a tension to eat, and you resolve this tension by consuming the desired amount of food and beverages.

When a tension is created by your hunger, this dynamic sets up a tendency for certain behaviors that are focused on resolving the tension. In this first simple tension-resolution system the obvious behavior is for the person to eat food!

But, in this example, this person consumes more calories than their body can “burn off” during the day, and this leads to weight gain.

Hunger ———–>>> causes a person to consume too many calories

Over time, as the person continues to consume more food and beverages than their body can realistically burn off, they become sufficiently overweight.

Once they reach the body weight that is uncomfortable for them to live with, a second tension is manufactured by the desire to lose this unwanted body weight.

This second tension-resolution system also creates the tendency for a behavior, which is to use a low calorie or a fad diet in order to lose this unwanted body weight.

Overweight ———>>> attempt to lose weight using a “diet”

Both of these tension-resolution systems are “structures” that contain a single tension that has the tendency to completely resolve.

This is exactly how all tension-resolution systems work in our lives.

A tension is a balanced relation or interplay between strongly opposing elements. Whenever you have a need, a want or a desire, a tension is created, and you resolve this tension by taking some type of action that will resolve this tension.

Every time that I reached around 250 pounds, I decided that this is enough, and started using the next low calorie approach, or another fad diet that was popular at the time. There are many other things that I tried, including fasting, separating my food, and a few other ineffective, short term weight loss techniques.

But, over and over, the hunger and the massive food cravings that these strategies produced forced me to go off the diet, and to go back to consuming more food than my body could burn off during the day.

Since I did not know anything about structural conflict at that time, obviously I continued to think that there was something wrong with me.

Okay, Now Here Is The Major Problem With These Two Tension Resolution Systems

Creating a Single Minded Focus….both, the first and the second tension-resolution systems are tied together, but, at the same time they are also in conflict with each other. As you “force yourself” to stick to your low calorie diet or fad diet, the hunger and the craving for food increases more and more!

Massive Hunger —->>> forces you to eat too much food

Becoming Overweight —–>>> forces you to go back on a “diet”

Both of these tension-resolution systems are fueled by two opposing desires, one is to eat more food, and the other is to use a diet to bring you back to a desired weight. These two tension-resolution systems form a complex relationship, which is called structural conflict.

As you start to eat more food and become overweight, the tension grows for you to go back to using a diet to lose weight, but as you start to eat less, your hunger increases and the tension starts to grow in the other “hunger – eat more food” tension-resolution system.

What is very important to understand is that this conflict in the structure can NEVER be resolved, because as you attempt to resolve one tension-resolution system, you will always deny, and increase the tension in the second resolution system.

If you do not eat as much as you want, you grow more and more hungry, and you increase the tension in the first tension-resolution system, which obviously sharply increases your desire to eat more food.

Creating a Single Minded Focus….once you give up your diet because of massive food cravings and you start to consume more food and beverages than you should, you start to increase the tension in the second tension-resolution system, and it is only a matter of time until the increase in your weight, will once more, force you to go back to using a low calorie or fad diet.

If You Ever Wondered Why It Is So Much Easier For You To Stick To Your Diet In The Beginning, This Explains It!

Creating a Single Minded Focus….when you start your new diet, and you start to eat less food, there is very little “tension” in the “hunger” tension-resolution system, and because of this, it always seems that this time it will work.

But as soon as enough tension builds in the “hunger” tension-resolution system, it becomes much more difficult to “stick” with the program and the increased hunger eventually makes you throw in the white towel.

This is exactly what motivated me to start a new diet over and over again. I remembered how easy it was in the beginning, and figured that maybe I was just doing something wrong, and that this time I can stick with it to the end.

But, obviously, no matter how hard I tried to keep the faith, none of these approaches ever worked, and eventually I reached 285 pounds!

Creating a Single Minded Focus….what is important to understand is this: While the low calorie and fad diets do have a flaw in their design, not observing my current reality objectively was the biggest mistake that was made by me!

The reality was this: Low calorie and fad diets are not sustainable nutrition strategies and don’t produce long term results!

From this page you can go back to The Non-Stop Motivation Page, where you will find all the other articles from the First Chapter of The Secret To Permanent Fat Loss!

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