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Understanding Your Own Concepts And Beliefs!

Concepts and Beliefs!….when I realized that objectively observing my current reality was the missing element in my weight loss program, I started to use it on a daily basis. This is how I got out of the oscillating structure that I was in while using diets to lose weightand exactly how I created an advancing structure that helped me to create permanent fat loss.

Here is how I formed an advancing structure, and how you can do the same thing TODAY! My first step was just like before, I simply focused on the vision that I had of myself in the future.

But now instead of simply focusing on the steps that I was going to take to bring my vision into reality, I started to focus on my current circumstances in relation to my vision.

Here is what this new advancing structure looks like. As you can see it is a simple tension-resolution system that forms structural tension, and has only one major tendency that resolves completely.

STEP #1: Focus On The Vision Of Your Future Self

>>>>These 2 Steps Create Structural Tension That Resolves CompletelyStep #2: Focus On Your Current Circumstances

This new structure that you form will incorporate the old structural conflict that you had in the past into itself and will turn a complex structure into a simple structure.

This is very important, because this new advancing structure can become more dominant only if structural conflict is part of the new structure.

Oscillation may still occur in some of the movement, but this oscillation will simply be a characteristic of normal fluctuations, while the major tendency of the structure will be to move toward complete resolution. This is when you will reach your ideal body weight!

Concepts and Beliefs….in the beginning of your weight loss program you can simply focus on your vision first, and then focus on your current reality. But, as you get more advanced, it is to your advantage to learn to simultaneously focus on both of these elements at the same time.

This is exactly what has helped me to maintain my ideal body weight since the Spring of 1995. During the first year, while I was losing the 110 pounds of unwanted body fat, I focused on these two elements separately.

But, Then I Made A New Discovery…

Concepts and Beliefs….before reaching my ideal weight in the spring of 1995 I started to visualize these two elements simultaneously, and the Non-Stop Motivation became so strong that instead of walking twice per day,
I started to jog, and then even run on a regular basis.

I am probably the laziest person in the world. And, if the tension that was created by this visualization technique can get me to use high intensity cardio three days per week, for over 15 years, then all I can say is that it is the most effective motivation strategy in the world.

By the way, these days I use HIIT (high intensity interval training) three times per week, and weight training three times per week in order to maintain my ideal weight. And, I eat four large meals every day, and allow myself up to five cheat meals per week.

The visualization technique that I described has become a habit for me after a year of practicing it on a daily basis, meaning that since 1996 I don’t have to focus on what I want and what I have, it just happens automatically.

And the fact that I can eat like a normal person, and allow myself to eat my favorite snacks up to five times per week obviously motivates me even more.

The way I learned to simultaneously focus on both of these elements was simple. I imagined two movie screens, one on top, one on the bottom. And, in the top screen I imagined the way I wanted to be, and in the bottom screen I imagined the way I was in the present moment.

There is one very important thing that I want to say before we continue. This motivation technique has nothing to do with manipulating yourself. You are simply using the truth and reality to help you to achieve what is important to you in your life.

What you truly want and desire for yourself is part of your reality. This is why when you will form a vision of your future self you will do this only based on your true wants and desires.

Obviously, your current circumstances are real. There are no tricks to this. You simply objectively observe where you are standing at the present moment. Since this will always be your starting point, you will always know exactly in what direction you have to move to get closer toward your major health goal.

On a daily basis, this is the place from where you will take your next step in your weight loss journey!

Just in case you are wondering, Yes! this means that the more honest you can be with yourself, the faster you will reach your major health goal, and the faster you will create the body of your dreams!

Here’s Why This Goal Setting Strategy Is So Powerful And Effective, And Why It Will Help You To Create Permanent Fat Loss

Concepts and Beliefs….as you can see structural tension is formed by two major components, the first is the vision of the end result that you want to create, and the second is a clear view of your current situation.

This structural tension is what will create the energy, the drive and the non-stop motivation to help you get through the toughest parts of yourweight loss program.

The word structural tension in this manual does not mean pressure, anxiety, stress, or strain. Rather it describes a relationship in which one element of a structure is contrasted by another element of the same structure.

The first element is the vision of what you want to create, and the second element is your current reality in relation to your vision.

In the beginning of your weight loss program, there will be a discrepancy, inconsistency or difference between your vision and the current situation in relation to this vision.

This discrepancy, inconsistency, or difference between your vision and your current situation is the structural tension that contains the never-ending energy that will enable you to move toward your goal.

This will be the dynamic that will help you to create irreversible, long termweight loss success in your own life!

It will be your job to establish this tension, use this tension, and eventually resolve this tension in the direction of your major health goal.

The difference between your major health goal and your current reality creates a state of non-equilibrium. The structure moves toward restoring equilibrium, which happens when you finally accomplish your goal.

At that point, the actual state will be equal to the desired state. In reality, you will have what you want, and structurally, equilibrium will be established.

This is how you strategically will use the goal setting chart to deliberately set up structural tension so that you can create permanent fat loss in the fastest time possible!

But, Before We Cover The Best Approach For Creating Your Own Goal Setting Chart We Have To Cover The Manipulation Of Beliefs!

Concepts and Beliefs….This is very important because this can make it very difficult for you to observe your current circumstances and will not allow you to put the necessary strain on your bow when you are aiming it at your main target. Without putting the right amount of critical tension on your bow, your arrow will not be able to hit bull’s-eye!

This is a motivation strategy that I used for eight years straight, starting when I was 16. In fact, I was convinced that it would help me to stick to my diets, and would help me to create permanent fat loss.

I stopped using this approach only after creating my goal setting chart and becoming aware that truth and reality are the only things that I need to help me create the body of my dreams.

Concepts and Beliefs….manipulation is probably the most popular technique that is used by the positive-thinking movement. But, instead of helping you to observe the current circumstances in your life, it makes you focus on things that have nothing to do with achieving your major goals in life.

Here is how these concepts and beliefs are usually formed. One of the major reasons why people overeat on a regular basis is that they experience many different kinds of emotional conflicts in their lives.

These conflicts may involve deep loss, grief, fear, pain, stress, anxiety, shame, guilt, hurt, and anger. Of course, there are many other reasons why people overeat, including all kinds of unexpected circumstances that regularly happen in our lives.

Obviously these emotional conflicts and the unexpected circumstances produce uncomfortable feelings and emotions. Since consuming large amounts of food is very effective at helping people to deal with these uncomfortable feelings and emotions, many folks become overweight because they start to use this approach on a regular basis.

I know for a fact that for me personally, when I ate massive amounts of food in the evening, it helped me to forget all the problems that were in my life, and helped me to fall asleep like a baby.

And, even though I became extremely overweight because of using this approach, I have to admit it was very effective for helping me to deal with the stress that I experienced in my life!

Here Is How Many Self-Development Approaches Try To Help People To Solve This Problem!

Concepts and Beliefs….the most popular strategy is they try to convince us that we create our own lives and that we are completely responsible for everything that happens in our lives, and this includes attracting all of the circumstances that lead to these emotional conflicts that we experience.

The problem is that many of the ideas behind these self-help strategies about how we actually create our own lives are often reduced to some very simple concepts about belief.

The main idea behind these concepts is that our beliefs create our reality. Because people believe something to be true, their experiences tend to move in that direction.

The main message behind these self-help approaches is this: If you want to change you life, you have to change your beliefs!

For example, you can start thinking well of yourself, develop a positive predisposition about your future, and also you must not forget to work on the beliefs that for some reason contradict the outcomes you want to produce in your life.

Your job, when using this approach, is to keep an eye on your various beliefs, letting the desirable ones move ahead, and stopping those that contradict your goals.

Concepts and Beliefs….a lot of people have tried to use this approach over the years. They have tried to organize their belief system by holding beliefs that they thought would aim them toward their desired goals.

They also have tried to manufacture beliefs that they thought are necessary for creating long term success.

A very popular technique that is suggested is to take each negative belief, and try to replace it with a positive belief.

In addition to this, people would try to convince themselves by affirming these positive concepts and beliefs over and over.

They hoped they were programming their subconscious minds, which would then manifest the outcomes they desired.

But, trying to change one’s beliefs doesn’t lead to long-term success. Instead it leads to an oscillating pattern and a reversal in your success.

The Pattern Look Like This:

Work on your negative beliefs, have some positive changes, feel encouraged, and generate some success.

But then there comes a reversal.

Concepts and Beliefs….something happens in your life that moves you away from the end result you want to create, a crisis, a problem, an unexpected event, a conflict of interest, becoming bored, an unanticipated negative consequence, or any other type of circumstance that pulls you in the opposite direction, away from the success you worked so hard to create!

Then you work some more on your beliefs since you continue to think that your concepts and beliefs are behind the failure to reach, and then maintain the end result that you wanted.

To see if you have a pattern like this, simply track the successful events in your life and notice what follows them. Do they end well or are there reversals after the successes, ones that make it hard or impossible to continue to maintain the successes that you have achieved?

When moving toward your goal, these types of concepts are the enemy of observation. Concepts and beliefs blind you when you are attempting to create something that is important to you.

The more you rely on concepts and attempt to manipulate your beliefs, the less directly you embrace the world. You become a bit hypnotized by these concepts, and become less conscious of how reality truly is.

You stop questioning, exploring, and re-examining your current reality, and can even start to assume that you know something that you might not actually know.

This is exactly what happens with people that keep trying to use low calorie diets, fad diets or any other ineffective weight loss approach over and over, even when it is obvious that these approaches can never produce irreversible, long term weight loss success.

And while we are the central figures in the outcomes that are produced in our lives, this does not mean that we create all the various circumstances in our lives, nor does it mean that we have a complete understanding of just how we create our lives.

By forming these types of concepts, and trying to manipulate your concepts and beliefs, you will not be able to objectively assess what is happening at the present moment in your life, and will not be able to adjust your approach, and choose the most effective steps toward your goals, because you will not know exactly where you are in relation to your vision.

Concepts Get In The Way Of You Objectively Observing Your Current Circumstances!

Concepts and Beliefs….there are so many concepts that we form in our lives. We use these concepts to guide ourselves through our world; we mostly think of them as rules, policies, roadmaps, warnings and controls.

We believe that we can better negotiate the world if we have a concept of how everything in it works. The problem arises when you start to use these concepts and beliefs instead of objectively viewing what is happening in your current reality. When you start to see what you want to see instead of observing what is really there.

It is critical to understand this insight about concepts if you want to create permanent fat loss. You have to learn to tell the difference between what you actually observe in reality, and the concepts you impose on reality.

If you do not learn the skill of separating your concepts from objective reality, you might experience difficulty in creating structural tension, because one of the two major factors that form structural tension, which is your current reality, most likely will be unclear.

Many of the lasting changes in our beliefs are created after changes in our reality. So, rather than rely on your concepts or try to manipulate your beliefs, it is to your advantage to focus on the vision of your future self and track current reality more accurately using the tools that you will find in this manual.

By the way, there is a dramatic difference between a concept and conceptualizing. A concept is a noun, a thing. Conceptualizing is a verb, an action. Not all conceptualizing leads to a concept. In fact, most of the time conceptualizing leads to effective decisions, processes, experiments, actions and outcomes.

Conceptualizing is one of the most useful activities that you can engage in while moving toward creating permanent fat loss, while forming or relying on your concepts is one of the most useless.

Conceptualizing will help you to create your vision, and also will help you to create the most effective steps toward bringing this vision into reality,while using concepts and beliefs can blind you when you are making an objective assessment of your current reality.

You Can Create The Body Of Your Dreams Without Your Beliefs And/Or Concepts!!!


Concepts and Beliefs….it is very important for you to understand that you can create permanent fat loss and reach your ideal weight independent of your belief system and your concepts. It doesn’t matter what you believe.

If, however, you try to manipulate your prospect of success by managing the content of your beliefs, you are wasting your time and misdirecting your energies. By trying to use ineffective concepts and manipulating your concepts and beliefs you are setting up an oscillating pattern in which your success will eventually be neutralized.

Relying on your concepts or trying to change your beliefs, cloud your ability to see reality more accurately. You need to see reality exactly as it is; the good, the bad, and the ugly.

You have to learn to observe your current reality without a concept of what you are supposed to be seeing. This is how you establish a strong foundation on which you will build your long term weight loss success!

What do you have to believe to want what you want? Who do you have to be? What do you have to think about yourself?

The truth is that your beliefs and concepts are completely irrelevant to creating the end results that you desire.

So instead of trying to change your beliefs, or attempting to use any other kinds of concepts, focus on the vision of your future self and observe your current reality more accurately.

Here is what reality looks like:

You have a desire to create long term weight loss and reach your ideal weight. You are where you are now. You will probably have to take a series of actions to create a lean, healthy body.

What do your concepts and beliefs have to do with these facts? The answer is: Nothing!

What is relevant to creating your major health goal is how competent you are, how well you can learn, your ability to focus on your vision, and your ability to observe reality.

These skills can be developed over time. As you work on creating permanent fat loss, you will master these skills and learn how to create irreversible, long term success!

The point is this: Do not spend any time trying to use your concepts or on trying to change your beliefs.

Stop the self-manipulation; instead think in terms of what results you want to create, not who you think you are. The focus should not be on you! The focus should be on bringing into reality the body of your dreams!

This is exactly why I designed the goal setting chart. This simple process will help you to create your vision, observe you current reality, and create a list of the exact steps that you must take to create permanent fat loss!

The act of creating occurs in reality, and the more you can live in reality, the more chances you have of creating what you want!

In Chapter One: Part 4, you will learn the most effective way to create your vision, observe your current reality, and develop a step-by-step plan on how you will reach your major health goal in the fastest time that is humanly possible!

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