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CHMB Focuses on Health Care Technology Advances

An article from Modern Healthcare magazine highlights the growing impact of technology on the industry. Merrill Goozner notes that health care is “on the cusp of a technological revolution” that will transform modern medicine, and companies are responding to these growing changes. In a recent press release, CHMB announced that it has created two new divisions to handle technology advancements. It is part of the growing trend in the industry.

Merrill Goozner points out that technology has infiltrated every aspect of the health care industry ranging from personal records to large data storage. CHMB is one example of how companies are responding to these rapid changes and helping health care facilities manage data better. The CEO of CHMB, Bob Svendsen, notes that a “high-touch personal service” is the key to finding success in this industry. Since 1995, CHMB has offered technology solutions to hospitals and practices that include revenue cycle management services, financial reporting, HIPPA assessments, business analytics and other areas.

Computerworld has pointed out that a recent RAND report has found several issues with IT implementation and technological advances. Despite federal incentives and encouragement from other industries, health care is still struggling to adopt many of the advances that are becoming common in other sectors. One of the problems is the difficulty many have encountered in sharing information. The RAND study highlights, “Existing EHR systems make it hard or sometimes even virtually impossible to share medical information across systems, despite the availability of mature standards governing the exchange of medical information.”

The RAND report also points out that another big problem is the lack of implementation and resistance to change. It simply states, “Healthcare professionals are not embracing the technology.” This is something that businesses such as CHMB are trying to fight by creating simple systems that can be integrated into existing hospital or medical practice standards. Hiding from technology is no longer possible in the health care industry, so it is crucial to address and fix the struggles faced by the health systems.

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