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The Major Causes Of Obesity For People That Have Endomorph Body Types

In this section of my site I will cover the major causes of obesity for people with endomorph body types. An endomorph is a person that has a slow metabolism and in most cases a sensitivity to carbohydrates!

For anyone that has these two physiological characteristics — these are without a doubt two of the major “indirect” causes of obesity. If you were born with an endomorph-dominant body type and want to createirreversible, long-term weight loss success, these two physiological characteristics must be taken into account during every step of your weight loss program!

Here is what I mean by “indirect” causes: The major “direct” cause of obesity is that a person consumes more calories than his or her body burns on a daily basis. And when this happens over an extended period of time — the “excess calories” that are not burned off — get stored as unwanted body fat inside his or her fat cells.

…in reality “obesity” is when the fat cells in your body are filled with “excess body fat.”

But, here is a very important distinction: “indirectly” the fact that someone has a very slow metabolism and is sensitive to carbohydrates — makes it very difficult for this person to “burn off” all of the calories that they consume from their food and beverages during the day.

Since I was born with this body type, in my early twenties I became extremely overweight! At first I struggled trying to lose this unwanted body fat, but after a few years of trials and errors, eventually I designed my ownweight loss system that helped me to lose over 110 pounds of unwanted body fat!

In this weight loss secrets article I cover everything about body types, and after reading this page you will understand why it has been so easy for you to gain unwanted body fat and not so easy to lose it.

From my experience the only way that an endomorph can “burn off” unwanted body fat, and eventually reach their ideal body weight — is by using proper nutrition combined with an effective exercise strategy!

And it does not matter how much you currently weigh! What does matter is that you have a strong want and a true desire to reach your ideal weight, and once it is reached, to maintain it for life!


This is the main causes of obesity & general weight gain! There is nothing more important than calories, nothing! In the end of the day, if you have a calorie surplus, this will be converted to body fat!

In the body fat section I explain in full detail how fat is transported, absorbed, stored and later used as an energy source.

This is very important to understand, because it does not matter where your calories are coming from, carbohydrates, protein or dietary fat, if there is a “calorie surplus” at the end of the day it will be stored in your fat cells, period!

Here is the law of energy (calorie) balance that you must obey if you want to create permanent fat loss:

1) If you consume more calories than your body burns during the day, the surplus will be stored as body fat.

2) If you burn more calories during the day then you consume, then your body starts to burn off body fat to make up for this deficit.

3) When you consume too much of any food during the day, you will be in a calorie surplus, and the calories that are not burned by your metabolism, will get stored as body fat.

4) If you eat less food than you are burning each day, and you are in a calorie deficit, then none of it will get stored as body fat, even junk food.

This does not mean that you should eat a lot of junk food, but it does mean that you can have a cheat meal once in a while!

5) If you consume the same amount of calories that your body burns during the day, you will maintain your current weight.

The net calories are what count, meaning that there are foods like protein and complex carbohydrates that have a high thermic effect and up to 30% of the calories that come from these nutrients get burned by your body during the digestion and utilization process.

But when it is all said and done, calories are the most important element to focus on if you want to create the body of your dreams!

The best way to calculate your optimum daily calorie intake is use the TDEE formula which can be found in this calorie intake article. This formula takes into account your current lean body mass and gives you the most accurate number to use for creating your daily meals! 

The second common cause of weight gain is consuming meals with the wrong nutrient ratios. In this healthy diet plan article you will find out exactly how to choose the right ones for your body type! For example the best nutrient ratio for endomorphs to start their weight loss program with is 50-30-20!

This means that 50% of your daily calories should come from consuming natural complex carbohydrates, 30% from lean proteins and 20% from good dietary fat!

Everyone of your meals should be made using these nutrient ratios. This is the ultimate way to provide your body with everything it needs to function properly and to create permanent fat loss.

If you are consuming mostly simple carbohydrates, processed/refined carbohydrates like white flour/white sugar, and bad dietary fat (trans fats) this might be one of the major causes of obesity.

These foods not only have the highest calorie density, meaning that there are a lot of calories packed in a small serving, but they also cause your body to store the calories from these foods as unwanted body fat.

Both carbohydrates and dietary fat ( meny for low fat diet ) have their own sections in my site and by reading the information on those pages you will discover which carbs and fats are healthy and which are not. Knowing this information can make a huge difference in the long term weight loss resultsthat you will produce.

Consuming the wrong protein can also lead to weight gain, because many protein sources are very high in saturated fats, and the calories that come from this nutrient can easily put you over your daily calorie limit, and is one of the potential causes of obesity.

By understanding and using the optimum nutrient ratios for your body type, you will increase your chances of creating a lean, healthy body and then maintaining it for life!


The third common cause of becoming extremely overweight is using the wrong meal frequency/timing approach, which I cover in this fitness nutrition article in full detail.

Taking into account how your body stores the nutrients from your foods, it is very obvious that once your body has received all the energy (calories) it needs, it will store this excess fuel in the form of glycogen in the muscles and liver.

Any excess calories beyond this limit will be stored in your fat cells as body fat. Since this is one of the major causes of obesity, you must pay attention to your portions and never overeat!

The ultimate meal frequency/timing strategy for endomorphs is to eat four average size meals, every four hours. Obviously the average size meal is created by taking into account your optimum daily calorie intake and dividing it by four.

This allows you to eat for normal portions during the day, and all the calories from each meal will be completely digested and utilized, and there will not be a calorie surplus to be converted to body fat!

Eating your breakfast as soon as you wake up is another important distinction that has to do with efficiently burning the calories from the food that you consume and helps to keep your metabolism elevated throughout the day!

In the meal frequency/timing section you will find all the other advantages of consuming average size meal, every four hours on a daily basis. 


The next common cause of becoming overweight is physical inactivity, and specifically not using cardio workout routines to burn unwanted body fat. Since a calorie surplus is the one of the major causes of obesity, burning these excess calories is obviously very effective for reaching your ideal weight!

Cardio training is the secret to creating a lean, healthy body. If you have an endomorph dominant body type, you will have a very difficult time getting lean if you do not do cardio on a regular basis!

Cardiovascular exercise, especially when it is done for a long enough duration, 45 to 60 minutes per session, and at a moderate to high intensity will force your organism to use unwanted body fat as an energy source.

Body fat can be burned effectively only in the presence of oxygen, and cardiovascular exercise is the only time when there is an optimum amount of oxygen in your organism to burn unwanted body fat directly!

There is nothing that can come close to achieving the fat burning results like aerobics done with the right intensity, duration and frequency!

If I knew what I know today, and I had to lose body fat, I would start out with 15 minute sessions three times per day and build my way up to doing double daily cardio, every day!

I would do this until I reached my ideal body fat percentage, and only at that point, I would adjust my cardio training to maintain this ideal weight!

This is how I actually reached my ideal weight eventually, but it took me a few years of trial and error to understand that this fastest way to burn unwanted body fat!


The last common causes of obesity that I will cover is losing lean body mass. When you lose muscle your metabolism slows down and you burn less calories during the day. Over time this can become one of the major causes of obesity!

There are many reasons why people lose muscle. Improper nutrition is probably the major reason, especially not consuming the optimum amount of complete proteins on a daily basis.

Another major cause of muscle mass is following low calorie and fad diets that suggest to either consume very low calories or to manipulate your nutrient intake by consuming most of your daily calories from one food group.

In the end it comes down to not providing your organism with what it needs to function properly. Of course the first will always be a low calorie intake, the second is not consuming enough of your calories from protein, and the third is not consuming complete proteins frequently enough during the day!

Muscle loss is the main reason why you should use weight training weight loss workouts during the weight loss phase of your program. No matter how perfect you eat, you will always lose some muscle, and weight training helps you to maintain your lean body mass and keeps your metabolism elevated.

If you consume the optimum amount of calories during the day, use the right nutrient ratios for your body type, eat frequent meals, use cardio to burn body fat, and use weight training to maintain your muscle, you will increase your chances of reaching your ideal weight and body fat percentage tenfold!

These five common causes of obesity are something you can take complete control off! All you have to do is use my fat-burning strategies on a regular basis, and unwanted body fat will start to melt right off you.

I am completely confident that by choosing to create a single-minded focus on achieving your major health goal without ever giving up or quitting, you will create a lean, healthy body, and once this is accomplished you will maintain it for life! 


In the article about being overweight you will find the exact steps that you must take to create permanent fat loss and to maintain it for life.

Currently obesity in the US is an epidemic, just like in many other countries.

The major causes of obesity can be dealt with, and of course burning unwanted body fat does take some work, but in the end of your journey you will become the owner of a lean, healthy body that is overflowing with energy and vitality!

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