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Cats Are Being Fed Raw Food And Thriving

Providing your cat with raw food could be the best thing that you can do for its health and vitality. Cats that are given a meticulously nutritious diet of raw food tend to live longer, more energetic lives and do not seem to have the same health conditions that are plaguing many cats nowadays as a consequence of eating cooked foods.

Cooked commercial cat food is frequently made from animals that died of illness or reject animal parts of animals that were given hormones or steroids. This commercial food has occasionally been found to be poisoned with toxins and deadly bacteria that might potentially harm your pet.

So, selecting a raw food diet for your animal could be seen as a wise decision. The problem though is that going raw could possibly be a sizable commitment on the part of the owner, particularly if the animal has been mostly raised on cooked food until this point. The modification to raw can be hard, and preparing certain home-made recipes can be laborious. But the health benefits of feeding your feline friend a well-balanced raw food diet utterly trump the sacrifices, plus the cost savings for food and veterinary care over your pets life are totally worth it.

Raw vegetarian cat food is generally available, but it can be high-priced, so most raw foodists choose to make their own by following recipes. As an alternative, there are supplements that may be added to fresh ground meat or cut beef chunks and water which can provide all the balanced nutrition your cat needs to flourish. These ‘all-in-one’ kind of products are highly convenient, but won’t be thought of as pure and as fresh as preparing it on your own following a recipe at home. The supplements work OK for plenty raw foodists, but others like to prepare it all fresh themselves from the start, giving them total control of all the ingredients and the production. In addition, there are others who don’t wish to use animal flesh at all.

You can easily find raw cat food recipes online that will match your tastes and price range plus meet the nutritive needs of your pets. When making your own, it is important to chop up the plant matter fully so that is readily digested by your animal. It’s been suggested that raw recipes for cats is best made with only above ground plants, perhaps with carrots being the only exception to the rule. Herbs might be given in some cases but should be added in little amounts during the adjustment time frame. Info involving plant grinders and any knives you may need is ordinarily included with the recipes that call for them.

This can sound like heaps of money and work, but if there’s even a little reality to the health benefits of “going raw”, and your feline buddy definitely means a lot to you, the labor of love is certainly of great benefit.

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