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Calories In Food, Strategies, Links And Resources!

In this Calories In Food article you will discover some effective strategies for counting calories. In addition to this, you will find the links to the best free online resources for the actual calorie and nutrient amounts that are in the food and beverages that you consume on a daily basis.

Before we start, I want to say that while there are many other important elements that can help you to effectively lose unwanted body fat, calories are without a doubt the most important element of all!

With that said, let’s start by covering how counting calories and using other nutrition strategies can help you to effectively lose weight!

And, in case you only want to know how many calories are in the meals that you are consuming, there is a link to a calorie counter at the end of this article! 
Your daily calorie intake, the macro-nutrient ratios that you use for creating your meals, and the meal frequency and timing approach that you use on a regular basis are a major part of an effective long-term weight loss program.

Consuming mostly natural, unprocessed food, and drinking plenty of water are also very important for reaching and then maintaining your ideal body weight in the long run!

When you create your meals taking into account your daily maintenance calorie intake, use a moderate macro-nutrient ratio like 50-30-20, split up the food that you consume during the day into four equal, average size meals, and eat them every four walking hours of the day, you help your body to efficiently burn off the calories that are in this food — and can even create a small calorie deficit which will help you to slowly lose unwanted body fat.

In this healthy diet plan article you will find out why using a moderate macro-nutrient ratio like 50-30-20 (50% of your calories come from natural carbohydrates, 30% from lean protein and 20% from good dietary fat) is the best way to provide your body with everything it needs to function properly on a daily basis, while at the same time creating a small calorie deficit because of the thermic effect that protein foods and natural, unprocessed carbohydrate foods provide.

Plus, if you use an effective meal frequency and timing approach and eat four average size meals, every four walking hours of the day, your body will burn up all of the calories in food each meal, and there will never be a calorie surplus to be converted to unwanted body fat.

In this fitness nutrition article you will discover the information on how to properly yse meal frequency and meal timing to help your organism burn more calories during the day.

Plus I would like to mention that drinking plenty of water, and drinking less calories from other beverages is one of the most overlooked elements of creating permanent fat loss and bringing into reality the body of your dreams!

In this water and weight loss article you will discover why!

If you do not count the calories in food that are in your meals, and consume more calories on a daily basis than your body can realistically burn off during the day, long term weight loss will most elude you! In fact, this will always lead to weight gain!

Calories in food, and endomoprhs!

Counting calories in food is especially important for people that were born with endomorph dominant body types! These are people that have a naturally slow metabolism, and have difficulties with losing unwanted body fat.

Extreme endomorphs can have a difficult time losing body unwanted body fat even when they are following a proper nutrition and exercise strategy on a daily basis.

Since I was born with this body type, to reach my ideal weight I not only had to watch my daily calorie intake, use the right nutrient ratio and an effective meal frequency, but I also had to use cardio training and weight training to help my body burn as many calories as possible!

By using this strategy, I lost over 110 pounds (50Kg) of unwanted body fat within 12 months. And by continuing to follow this approach I have been able to maintain my ideal weight for over fifteen years.

In this calorie counter article you will discover the main strategy for calculating your optimum daily calories in food intake.

If you were born with an extreme endomorph dominant body type, you will have to use advanced nutrition strategies to reach your ideal weight. In this weight loss secrets article you will find all the information about body types, and in this weight loss programs article you will discover the advanced nutrition strategies that you can use to burn off unwanted body fat if you are having difficulties losing body fat using proper nutrition and exercise.

It is very important to understand that these advanced techniques should be used only when you master the basics and fundamental of proper nutrition and exercise. This is why you might have to be patient while you are learning to eat properly and use exercise, because if you have an an extreme endomorph-dominant body type — you will not lose that much body fat during this phase!

What is important to remember is this: No matter where you start if you take into account the calories in food, and make sure that you consume the optimum amount of food, use the right nutrient ratios, an effective meal frequency, and to this you add an effective exercise strategy, eventually you will reach your ideal weight.

It just might take a little longer for some people than for others. But in the long run, 99.9% of the people can create the body of their dreams, as long as they keep using cardio training and weight training on a regular basis.

The reason for this is simple: Without burning as many calories as possible during the day using exercise, endomorphs have a very difficult time losing unwanted body fat because of the naturally slow metabolisms that they were born with.

Cardio training and weight training, will help to serioulsy boost your body’s metabolism and will help it to burn off the unwanted body fat that you currently have, which in the long run will help you to create permanentfat loss!

The best online links to the resources with “calories in food” and nutrient counts

By using this online site or the book that I recommend you can find out the exact calories in food, and use this information for creating the perfectweight loss meals.

This calorie counter is one of the best sites where you can find out the calories in your food. It also gives you a lot of other useful information,especially the amount of carbohydrates, protein and dietary fat that is contained in each food source.

If you want to buy a book that has food counts the best recommendation that I can make is to buy The Complete Book of Food Counts, by Corrine T. Netzer. This is one of the best long term investments that you can make for yourself.

Whether you are counting calories in food, carbohydrates, dietary fat, watching your cholesterol intake or boosting fiber, this is the ultimate one-volume reference, providing the latest, most accurate information on the largest possible variety of foods.

You can depend on the accuracy and inclusiveness of this best-selling resource to provide all the essential counts for generic and brand-name foods, fresh, frozen, and fast-food items–even gourmet and health foods.

In this book you will find calorie counts, carbohydrate grams, protein grams, fat grams, cholesterol milligrams, sodium milligrams, fiber grams, a conventional table for weight and capacity measures, an alphabetized listing for easy reference, and much more.

From A to Z, all the nutritional information you need is here–whether you are navigating the supermarket aisles or poring over recipes in your kitchen.It’s the ultimate gift for yourself and your family–the gift of knowledge, of choice, of good health!

Why are the calories in food, and the grams of macro-nutrients that you consume with your food so important?

The reason for this is simple: This information will help you to create the ultimate weight loss meals, and this will help your body to burn more calories in food during the day!

Here are the links to the best resources for creating the ultimate nutrition strategy to use during you weight loss journey!

In this article healthy diet plan you will discover how to choose the best nutrient ratio for your body type. In this calorie intake article you will find the formula for calculating your TDEE (total daily energy expenditure)– which is the realistic amounts of calories in food that your body can burn off during the day, taking into account your lean body mass, and your activity level!

In this fitness nutrition article you will discover the best meal frequency and meal timing approach that you can use, and how it will help your organism to completely burn off every meal that you consume, so that there will be no calorie surplus at the end of the day!

This means that there will be nothing to be converted to body fat, and you will be able to easily maintain your current weight!This is obvioulsy very important, because once you can maintain your current weight, then you can use cardio training and weight training to burn unwanted body fat, and create irreversible, long term weight loss success for yourself!

Simply dieting without exercise will not work for the endomorph, because people with this body type need a boost in the metabolism that only cardio and weight training can provide!

Cardio burns body fat directly while you are working out, and weight training helps to maintain your muscle, and helps to keep your metabolism elevated!

This is why counting the calories calories in food are so important! They can help you to provide your organism with everything it needs to function properly and this helps to keep your metabolism elevated and helps to maintain your current weight.

Once you reach this point, all you have to do is use exercise on a regular basis to permanently burn off unwanted body fat that you currently have, create the body that you have been dreaming about!

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