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The Calorie Counter: How To Count Calories

In this Calorie Counter section I will cover everything that has to do with optimal daily calorie intakes, and how to actually count your calories.

In my article what are calories I explain that one of the definitions of a calorie is the amount of heat required to increase the temperature of one kilogram of water by 1 degree Centigrade. This sounds really weird to me, but, then again, I am not a scientist 🙂 

The other definition is used to express food energy, when discussing dieting or nutrition plans.

Under this second definition, for example 1 gram of a pure carbohydrate will yield 4 calories of heat energy.

It is mostly referred to as Calorie (cal) or kilocalorie (Kcal).

In both of these definitions you can see that a calorie is basically a measure of heat.

Not only is this term used to describe the energy contained in our food and beverages…

…it is also used to describe the energy that is stored in our bodies as adipose tissue (body fat)! 
Knowing how many calories there are in one pound of body fat can help you tremendously in your weight loss program.

The reason for this is very simple: By looking at your unwanted body fat as reserved energy (calories), you can focus on burning these calories offby using proper nutrition and simple fat-burning exercises on a regular basis.

Keeping an eye on your daily calorie counter intake is without a doubt the most important element in creating, irreversible, long term weight loss success!

When you hear that someone says that “calorie counter” is not that important for fat loss, it is time to head for the door!

Without counting calories that you consume on a daily basis, you will have a very difficult time reaching your ideal weight.

In fact, for anyone that consumes more calories than their bodies can “burn off” by the end of the day, creating the body of their dreams will be simply be impossible!

The law of energy (calorie) balance is the number one law that you must obey if your major health goal is to reach and then maintain your ideal body weight for life!


These are five of the most important distinction, when considering your daily calorie intake!

1) If you consume more calories than your body burns during the day, the surplus will be stored as body fat.

…this is really plain and simple, and there is no way around this fact!

2) If you burn more calories during the day then you consume, then your body starts to burn off body fat to make up for this deficit.

…of course long term calorie restriction will always slow down your metabolism and weight loss will come to a halt.

…this is why a small calorie counter restriction is what I recommend forweight loss.

…the best approach of course is to consume the same amount of calories that your body burns, and create a deficit using cardio training! The information on how to do this can be found in this cardio workout routinesarticle.

3) When you consume too much of any food during the day, you will be in a calorie surplus, and the calories that are not burned off by your metabolism, will get stored mostly as body fat.

…this means that even if you eat too much healthy food, the surplus calories will still be stored as body fat.

…this is why calorie counting can make the biggest difference in yourweight loss results.

4) If you eat less food than you are burning each day, and you are in a calorie deficit, then none of it will get stored as body fat, even junk food.

…this doesn’t mean that you should eat junk food all the time, because there is a health factor, but it does mean that once in a while you can eat a little *junk food* and get away with it. Of course, as long as you count your calories!

…this also means that calorie counting is the most important part inweight loss!

…for your information consuming the right nutrient ratios for your body type, and meal frequency/timing also is very important, and should be taken into account during your weight loss program!

Make sure you read about these two effective calorie-burning nutrition techniques — in the nutrition section of my site.

5) If you consume the same amount of calories that your body burns during the day, you will maintain your current weight.

…this last part is obviously also very important, because once you reach your ideal weight, this will be the easiest ways for you to maintain it. 


The information in this section can make a huge difference in the long term weight loss results that your produce.

The first thing that you must realize is that no matter what food you eat, if the daily calories in this food are more than your organism can realistically burn off, you will gain weight, in the form of body fat.

This is simply the way your body stores excess calories that come from consuming more food than it can metabolize!

Another important distinction is that there are no food combinations that can override the law of energy balance. If, at the end of the digestion and utilization process there is a calorie surplus, these calories will be stored as body fat!

But the most important part that I like about the law of energy (calorie) balance is the fact that if you count your calories, and stay in a small calorie deficit, you can eat a cheat meal once in a while and you will not gain weight.

This cheat meal can include some of the so-called “junk food” and it won’t be stored as unwanted body fat.

I have been using cheat meals for over 15 years, and by calculating the calories that come from these foods, once in a while I can enjoy some of my favorite foods like cheese cake, and a few others, without gaining any body fat!


The simple fact is that the only thing holding many people from reaching their ideal weight and creating the body of their dreams is that they are not counting the calories that they consume on a daily basis and simply end up consuming more than their bodies can burn off — by the end of the day!

But surplus calories are not the only thing that is causing many people to gain weight. Eating the wrong food and not using an effective meal frequency/timing approach, is also a major culprit when it comes to weight gain!

As I already mentioned, will play a huge role in the weight loss results that you can eventually produce, and should always be taken into account when you are creating your daily meals.

In my healthy diet plan article, I explain why this nutrition approach is so effective for helping your body to burn off as many calories as possible during the day!

And in the fitness nutrition article you will discover meal frequency and timing, which is another nutrition approach that can help your organism to effectively burning off the calories that come from your food and beverages!

In fact, the easiest way to maintain your ideal weight, once you reach it, is by consuming the optimum amount of daily calories, using the right nutrient ratios for your body type, and using an effective meal frequency/timing approach!

If anyone of these elements is missing, and you have an endomorph dominant body type, it will simply be impossible for you to maintain a lean, healthy body in the long run.

Now let us move on and cover the best way to calculate your optimum daily calorie intake. 


The first step in your weight loss program after creating your own goal setting chart and your own weekly weight loss chart should be to calculate your daily maintenance calorie intake.

This is done by using the TDEE (total daily energy expenditure) formula that can be found in this calorie intake article. This formula takes into account your current lean body mass, and will give you the most accurate number to use for creating your daily meals.

TDEE is your daily maintenance level, where the amount of your daily calorie intake is equal to your daily calorie expenditure.

Knowing this is the most important parts of calorie counting. Once you have calculated TDEE, or your maintenance level, you can start working on your daily eating plan, and creating your daily meals!

Once you know your TDEE you can also manipulate your daily calorie intake, to get the best results from your weight loss program.

In this calorie counting article you will learn, how to adjust your daily calorie intake, and effectively manipulate your calories, as one of the ways to achieve your major health goals.

In this calories to lose weight article you will find how to use exercise combined with the optimum calorie intakes to lose massive amounts of unwanted body fat. This is the ultimate combination for creating irreversible, long-term weight loss success.


This online calorie calculator can be used to get a ballpark figure of your TDEE (total daily energy expenditure) but since these formulas are not accurate, it is to your advantage to make your own calorie counting using the TDEE formula which can be found in this calorie intake article!

Using your lean body mass when calculating your optimal daily calorie intake will always be the best and most accurate approach for counting calories and calculating your daily calorie needs.

In this calorie intake calculator article I explain why using your own calculations is always the most accurate approach that you can use for calculating your total daily energy expenditure!

Before we continue with this section let’s look at the daily calorie intake averages in The United States.

The average maintenance level for women is 2000 – 2100 calories per day, and the average for men is 2700 – 2900 calories per day.

Since these are only averages, the exact requirements can vary because of activity levels and different metabolic rates. 


1) Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) is the total number of calories your body burns for normal bodily functions, not including your physical activity.

2) Activity Level is the second factor that determines how many calories you burn during the day. The more you move during the day, the more calories you burn.

3) Total Body Weight is the third factor. The higher your total body weight, the more calories you burn while moving during the day.

4) Lean Body Mass (LBM) is the fourth factor. The more muscle you have the more calories your body will burn at rest.

Since muscle is a metabolically active tissue, it takes a lot of energy for your body to maintain it.

5) Your Age is the fifth factor. Metabolic rate drops with age, mostly due to loss of muscle mass.

But you can increase your metabolism through regular weight training, which increases you muscle, and the additional muscle helps you burn more calories.

6) Your Gender is the sixth factor. In reality, this has more to do with the fact that the average male carries more muscle mass than the average female, and because of this males usually have a higher maintenance level.

If a man and a woman of the same weight have the same muscle masstheir caloric requirements will be the same. 


Calorie counting is an activity that will make the biggest difference in your long term weight loss results. In fact, this will always be the most important part of your nutrition strategy!

Creating permanent fat loss will take a single-minded focus on the calories that you consume from your food and beverages on a daily basis.

Without knowing the amount of calories that your body burns on a daily basis, it is almost impossible to make the properly balanced meals during the day.

Most of the time, you will either consume too many calories, or not enough.This is why knowing your total daily energy expenditure (TDEE) is a very important element of calorie counting!

And this is exactly why this calorie counter article is one of the most important parts of this site.

Learning how to count calories will increase your chances of creating a lean, healthy body ten-fold.

There are many strategies and approaches that you can use that have to do with manipulating your calorie intake to produce amazing weight loss results.

Once you have your own calorie counter formula based on your LBM (lean body mass) it will be easier for you to adjust your daily calorie intakes.

Using a small reduction in your daily calorie intake is the best approach that you can use. In this calorie intake for weight loss article you will discover why to lose unwanted body fat permanenently eating a little less is always the safest approach.

The most effective strategy is to lower you calorie intake for a few days and then to raise them back up to maintenance level. In this calorie intake to lose weight article I explain why this will produce such amazing fat-burning results. But, please take into account that this is an advanced nutrition strategy and should not be used in the beginning of your program.

The calorie tapering technique is covered in this calories for weight lossarticle. This is another advanced nutrition strategy that you should look intoonce you master the basics and fundamentals of proper nutrition.

In the beginning making a weight loss chart will help you to get on the right track from day one and is one of the most important tools in an effective, long term weight loss program. This calories burned in a day article explains why!

When you know the calories needed per day and your daily maintenance calorie counter intake, maintaining your current body weight is really simple, and losing unwanted body fat using exercise is effective. In this calories per pound article you will find out why exercise is the ultimate approach that can be used to burn off unwanted body fat permanently!

This is why calorie counter combined with an effective nutrition strategy and exercise strategy produces amazing fat burning results.

To reach your ideal weight — calorie counting will always be the most important element in your weight loss program. Without taking into account the amount of calories that you consume from the food and beverages on a daily basis — creating long term weight loss is almost impossible.

In this how many calories per day article, you will discover why. This is true especially for people that have an endomorph dominant body type and have problems losing unwanted body fat.

This calorie counter section can make a tremendous difference in your fat loss results! And if you use these strategies together with an effective motivation creating a lean, attractive body overflowing with health and vitality will become a reality in the nearest future!

This is why I created my weight loss system, that has the most effective and unique motivation strategy in the world! Using it, you will be able to go through the hardest parts of your weight loss journey without ever quitting or giving up!

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