Weight Loss Tips & Secrets

Weight Loss Tips & Secrets


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hello and welcome to my channel ! I’m Sam and i’m really happy to see you today the reason of my video is that i decided to take care of me ! To do some sport, and have a good nutrition Generally i don’t take care of me i eat Sweet and Fat i don’t eat at the good hours sometimes i wake up the night and i drink soda, and no Water of course.

So i decided to say STOP! Because i don’t support myself like this and things have to change because i damage my body i decided to go to the gym 2 or 3 times a week to have a really good nutrition like protein, fruits, vegetables.

Treated well my body ! when we talk about diet, people are scary so i want to prove to myself, to prove you and to prove to everybody that’s it’s posible you need some will, and it won’t be easy of course.

but when you are determined and you have the motivation you can do it and there is no reason to be afraid you always have to keep it and don’t give up after few days me actually i’m 28 years old, my weight is 85 kilos and i measure 1m70 and it’s too much !! i don’t like myself like this.

and i decided to make move the things.

i’ll do about one video every 2 weeks i’ll explain you what i did at the gym and the nutrition that i have actually i smoke one box of cigarette per day and i decided to smoke only 10-12 a day maximum it will be a physical and moral effort ! i want to share this experience with you i want to give you some Motivation i want that people who need answers, look my videos ask me some questions about what i did during this experience i’m really happy to present myself today i hope that you will be a lot to follow me

for this change ment and i hope to give you the want to change if you too, you don’t support anymore yourself like this i’ll be really happy that you like my video and that you subscribe to my channel if you have any question or you need some advices, send me a message i see you in two weeks with a big changing, because i’m full of motivation ! And i think that it is the first thing to have when you begin a change ment like this one if you don’t find it, ask me with pleasure i hope to see you soon by by.

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