Weight Loss Tips & Secrets

Weight Loss Tips & Secrets


Knowing Your Body Composition, The Art Of Effective Fat Loss!

In this Knowing Your Body Composition section of my site you will discover the art of permanently losing the unwanted body fat that you currently have!

This will make “bringing into reality” — the body of your dreams, much simpler and definitely much, much easier! If you don’t want to “gain back” — all the weight that you will burn off using my effective weight loss approach — by reading this section you will learn how to track your progress based on the changes in your body composition — and not simply your “scale” weight.

This is exactly where my focus was during the whole weight loss process that helped me to “burn off” over 110 pounds of unwanted body fat many years ago. This “single-minded” focus — has also been helping me to “easily” maintain my ideal weight of 175 pounds with 10% body fat — for the last 15 years!

On this page I will break up The Third Chapter of my weight loss system”The Secret To Permanent Fat Loss” into a few sections so that they can be much easier for you to read.

Reading online is much different than reading text that is printed on paper, and because of this I have decided to use this approach for publishing this information that I want to share with you!

This information is being published in this section starting on February 2, 2010 — and will continue to be published on a daily basis until it is completely made available for you to read and use in your weight lossjourney!

This Third Chapter of The Secret To Permanent Fat Loss will explain in full detail why simply monitoring the changes in your scale weight most likely will never help you to create permanent fat loss!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure you pay it forward, and spread the word about this high quality information being available for free, to anyone that can use it to reach and then maintain their ideal body weight for life!

In the middle of this page, you will find all the links that will take you to the articles that I have created using the information in the third chapter of my weight loss system!

Chapter 3: Your Body Composition!

This is the information from the third chapter of The Secret To Permanent Fat Loss. Simply follow each link to discover exactly why you should monitor your body composition if you want to create irreversible, long-term weight loss success!

Please take into account that I will publish one page per day starting on February 2, 2010.

1) The Monitor Your Body Composition is Chapter 3 — Part One! On this page you will find out exactly why it is so important to monitor your body composition, and also a few other very important distinction!

2) The Different Body Types is Chapter 3 — Part Two! On this page you will find out about the three body types, and will discover how to use this information to create the body of your dreams!

3) The Body Type Structure is Chapter 3 — Part Three! On this page you will find out about the most important physiological characteristics that can influence your ability to lose unwanted body fat, and discover the best way to assess the body type that you were born with!

4) The next Your Ideal Weight Article is Chapter 3 — Part Four! On this page you will learn about the ideal body fat percentage that you should aim at reaching, and how this will help you to calculate your ideal body weight, which will be covered in Part Five! You will also discover why tracking the changes in your body composition on a weekly basis is the fastest way to reach your ideal body weight!

5) The last Calculating Your Ideal Weight Article is Chapter 3 — Part Five!On this page you will find out exactly — how to calculate your ideal body weight, — which is the main target that you will be aiming at during your entire weight loss journey!

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