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Weight Loss Tips & Secrets


What is the Best Low Carb Diet?

The best low carb diet is the one that you create taking into account your body type and your health goals.

The most popular low carb diet is without a doubt the Atkins diet, but it is not the best because it does not use a moderate approach.

Anything that is extreme eventually will backfire, and from my experience very few people can use extreme nutrition strategies to create long term results.

In this section of my site on low carbohydrate dieting you will find honest answers and also you will find the moderate approach to losing weight using a healthy low carb diet.

For a diet to be considered the best low carb diet it has to produce long term results.

Simply fast and quick does not cut it! Because the diets that produce these kinds of results simply manipulate your body at the expense of your health.

After using them for a while you simply throw in the towel and gain all the weight back. This is far from what I consider the best. I would even go as far and say that these can be considered the worst diets.

To produce long term results using a low carb approach you have to lower your carbohydrate intake moderately.

Trying to reach ketosis and burn unwanted body fat using the consumption of a large amount of protein is unhealthy and will create a massive desire to consume carb foods.

Very few people have the willpower to stay on a weight loss program when all they can think about is carbs all day long.

And this is what you will produce by drastically dropping your intake of carbohydrates.

This is why I recommend to read the articles I have prepared for you in thislow carb diet section, and when you have the time read the rest of the sections in my site.

This might make you realize that low carb dieting is not even necessary for you to produce outstanding weight loss results!

Updated: January 28, 2014 — 9:36 pm

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