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Weight Loss Tips & Secrets


Best Health Foods for Men

Men and women have different nutritional needs; therefore, men’s health food needs require special consideration. Although some of the healthiest foods for men also promote women’s health, these nutrients work for different systems within the body. The following list contains some of the healthiest foods for men. These foods fight various cancers, reproductive organs, and heart problems, two of the top causes of death for men.


Blueberries are one of the health foods for men because of their memory-boosting potential. The dark blue tart fruit contains flavonoids, antioxidant compounds of that protect brain cells from oxidation and inflammation. Research conducted by the USDA Human Nutrition Research Center states that the antioxidants vitamins A and C protects neuron functions in the brain.

Brazil Nuts

Men’s health foods include nuts, particularly Brazil nuts, because their selenium content protects prostate health. The National Institute of Health Office of Dietary Supplements states that the selenium found in Brazil nuts suppresses cancer cell growth in the prostates.


For centuries, oysters have always been considered one of the healthiest foods for men, particularly in the male reproductive system. The zinc in oysters increase sperm count and acts like natural Viagra for some men because of zinc’s ability to repair damaged cells. Oysters should be cooks to avoid bacterial infections like salmonella.


Bananas are potassium and magnesium-rich foods, a nutrient that regulates the nervous system and facilitates red blood cell production. As a health food for men, the nutrients in bananas help fight strokes and give them energy before a workout.


Salmon contains vitamin C and omega-3 essential fatty acids, and men who eat at least three servings of these healthy fish protect their heart from cholesterol and boost the immune system. Vitamin D in salmon protects bone health, and compared to other animal proteins, salmon is one the healthiest foods for men trying to watch their weight.


Sardines, like salmon, contain essential fatty acids, which protects men’s heart and is lower in mercury than some other fish. A statement by the American Heart Association found a link between omega-e fatty acids and a reduction on many heart disease risks like high triglycerides, plaque buildup, and high blood pressure. This health food for men is also cheaper than other fish.


Broccoli contains vitamin C, beta-carotene, and potassium, nutrients that serve as men’s health food because they protect various health problems. A Harvard study states that five servings of broccoli per week fights bladder cancer, a condition that affects men more than women.

Whole Grains

Whole grains are not just the healthiest foods for men; they are healthy for every all people. While many men consume enough protein in their diet, whole grains, in a close second with vegetables, do not enter their diets. However, the healthy carbohydrates in whole grains provides men with fiber and vitamin D. these nutrients protect digestion and help maintain good cholesterol.


The American Heart Association states that soy protein, rich in isoflavones, is a health food option for men because soy protects the heart, lowers cholesterol, and reduces prostate cancer risks.


This juicy, deep red, seeded fruit is a health food for men because it protects them from prostate cancer. Harvard Men’s Health Watch states that research results indicate that pomegranates have cancer-fighting properties and offers heart protection. As a men’s health food, it also works as a diuretic, anti-inflammatory, and natural painkiller. Initial research projects state that pomegranates protect male reproductive organs and fights against erectile dysfunction. However, more studies need to be conducted to back that claim.

These men’s health foods, when added to a healthy diet, improve numerous bodily functions. Many of these functions start declining as men age, so consuming the healthiest foods for men actually protects them from conditions associated with the aging process.





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