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Best Carbohydrates to Eat for Fat Loss Revealed in New Post by Diet Recommendations

Boston, MA (PRWEB) August 16, 2013

The popular health and nutrition website DietRecommendations.com has published a new guest article from author and fat loss expert Joel Marion.

One of the representatives from Diet Recommendations said, “The great thing about this list of foods is that it details how and why these selected sources of carbohydrates can be eaten in higher quantities while allowing weight loss. The specifics have to do with picking carbohydrates that are high in fiber and at the same time have a low glycemic load in order to have very slight impact on blood sugar levels. By maintaining lower blood and sustained blood sugar levels the body will not be forced to store extra carbohydrates as fat.”

The full details of the article can be found here at http://dietrecommendations.com/eat-these-4-carbs-for-a-flat-belly/ and includes a guide on 4 Tricks to Never Store Carbs as Fat.

The free guide on how to never store carbs as fat can be accessed directly at this link http://EatCarbsLoseFat.info/.

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