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Weight Loss Tips & Secrets


The Best Aerobic Exercise To Burn Fat

What is the best aerobic exercise? The best cardio exercise is the one that burns the most total calories during the workout.

Aerobics, cardio, cardio training, cardiovascular exercise, it does not really matter what you like to call it. What does matter is that if you want to create permanent fat loss you will have to do plenty of it.

When it comes to the most total calories burned, nothing can compete with high intensity interval training (HIIT).

But, this is an advanced cardiovascular exercise. It is very demanding and very exhausting. When you are just starting out, it is to your advantage to use something that is real easy.

All of the best aerobic exercises can be found in the two sections on my site that have all the details about this awesome fat burning activity.

In the first section why cardio training, you will discover why aerobics is important for creating the body of your dreams.

In the second section how to do cardio, you will find the best cardio exercises that you can use, and also the best way to use them to burn the most total calories.

And the fat burning facts section explains exactly how our bodies use body fat and carbohydrates as the main energy sources during the day.

Reading this section is very important because to structure the ultimate exercise strategy you have to take into account a lot of different elements from your life.

Total calories burned is what counts!

And, in the end, when it comes to burning unwanted body fat, the main question is…”which the best aerobic exercise for you?”

Because what really matters is the total calories that you burn. And you will burn the most calories using an exercise that you can use on a regular basis.

This means that if you want to design a sustainable exercise strategy,you have to choose the best cardio exercise that “works for you.”

And by works, I mean that you can realistically keep using it to reach yourideal weight and then keep using it to maintain it for life.

Personally I love walking briskly, and when I have the time, I would rather walk 90 minutes than use high intensity interval training.

But, if I am short for time, then I use HIIT. So, in the end the choice is always up to you. What do you like, and how much time do you have to burn the most total calories?

If you are interested in producing the never-ending motivation fuel that is necessary to create permanent fat loss, I would like to recommend that you to look into purchasing The Secret To Permanent Fat Loss, which is my eBook that has the ultimate motivation strategy combined with the most effective nutrition and exercise strategies.



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