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Attain Health™ Launches US Based Network Marketing Company

Portland, Maine (PRWEB) December 03, 2012

Small town, big idea; a new type of business model is being introduced in Maine! Attain Health opens its virtual doors as the retailer and direct sales distribution of a collection of all natural, health supplements, made in the USA. Attain Health promotes living life on purpose, living a healthy lifestyle through regular exercise, healthy conscious eating and consuming all natural, nutritional supplements offered exclusively though Attain Health.

December 1st, 2012 marked the official launch of Attain Health’s online platform at http://www.attainhealth.com. With the launch of its new website and sizable base of Network Distributors already in place Attain Health offers an inimitable Business Opportunity for its Consumers and Distributors. “When we were strategizing the business model for Attain Health, we knew in order to be competitive we had to design our Hybrid Compensation plan like no other in the industry today. So we brought into our Family a seasoned Network Marketing Pioneer, Ronald Spence whom has been involved in over 1,000 plans throughout his 30-year career and we asked Ron to compose a plan exclusively for Attain Health. What he came up with is truly like no other plan out there today!” says Danny Molloy, COO of Attain Health.

Attain Health’s culture focuses on a persons overall lifestyle. “In each touch point to our customers, we are focused on the entire human being; covering mind, body and soul” says Molloy “Selling products have become secondary. Selling the lifestyle and watching our Customers transform their life is what makes this new opportunity so rewarding.”

Attain Health’s commitment to both physical and mental health and financial freedom underlies its progressive business model and line of products. Its most popular sales come from one of four Collections that were specifically formulated for Attain Health. Attain Health put these collections together because outstanding health is never just one thing. It is synergistic, the working together of all biological systems so the whole functions at an optimal level. Attain Health also is offering an all-natural liquid vitamin for their customers dogs and plan to build out an entire line of pet products in the spring of 2013.

Molloy also noted, that “Even with our Hybrid Compensation Plan and high quality all natural line of supplements, we would be doing a disservice to our Customers and Distributors if we didn’t support each one with un-parallel service and support. This is truly our top priority.” Attain Health will unveil a comprehensive lead generation program for its distributors in early 2013. It also has in place proprietary home-office business architecture, so its network of distributors can easily reach their financial goals.

For more information about Attain Health in general, its products, and/or distributor opportunities please visit: http://www.attainhealth.com.

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