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Atkins Diet Foods To Eat, And A Few Free Low Carb Dieting Tips

In this Atkins Diet Foods To Eat article you will discover some of the most effective low carb dieting tips, and will find out how to use this approach in a “healthy way.”

The Atkins Diet is one of the most popular nutrition strategies in the world. There are a few phases in this diet, but the main idea behind this approach is to use a high daily protein intake, and to keep your daily carbohydrate intake down to a minimum.

For example in phase one, you can eat lots of fish, red meat, eggs, shellfish, poultry, cheese and low-carb vegetables, such as asparagus, snow peas, peppers, snow peas and cucumbers.

But, during this phase it is “forbidden” for you to consume any kind of fruits, refined sugar products, high-carb vegetables, and most dairy products. You can eat cheese, butter and cream.

The other products that you can’t eat in the first phase are white rice, white bread, and pasta made with white flour.

When you “move on” to the other phases, you’ll continue eating the same foods, but from here you are “allowed” to eat whole-grain breads, whole-grain pasta, brown rice, low GI (glycemic index) fruits like rasberries and strawberries, and higher-carb vegetables, like peas, potatoes, carrots, potatoes, and squash.

Atkins Diet Foods To Eat, And The Few Free Low Carb Dieting Tips That I Promised!

Okay, the first thing that you must know about low carb dieting is that the reason that it works is because “protein” has a high thermic effect. This means that 30% of the calories that come from protein are “burned off” by your body just to utilize and process this macro-nutrient!

Basically, your “net” calorie intake is lower when these calories come from consuming protein. For example, if you consume 1000 calories from protein, your “net” calorie intake will only be 700 calories.

Your body will “burn off” 300 protein calories during the digestion of this macro-nutrient, and because of this your total calorie intake from protein will be 700 calories!

By the way, this means that you can’t eat as much protein as you want and not gain weight! If the “net-calories” that you consume are “higher” than your body can “burn off” during the day, you “will” gain unwanted body fat!

Now, let me explain the healthiest way that you can use a low carb diet!

The most important step that you can take when using a low-carb dieting approach is to drink plenty of water during the day. Your body needs a lot of water to properly “metabolize” protein, and if you don’t drink plenty of water, you will be putting yourself at risk.

When choosing which Atkins Foods To Eat, Never Forget To Buy Plenty Of Fresh Water To Drink During The Day!

Dehydration is no joke, and your organism will not be able to function properly if it does not get the water that it needs on a daily basis. Plus, people that have problems with their kidneys or their liver should never use low-carb dieting, and always talk to their doctor before consuming high amounts of protein.

Now, if you use the atkins diet foods to eat that I wrote earlier, or use other foods, the most important thing that you have to do is use the “low-carb” approach “temporarily!”

This means that you consume four “average” sized meals, every four hours using a macro-nutrient ratio of 40-30-30 or 30-40-30 for three consecutive days, and on the fourth day you raise your carbohydrate intake back to a moderate number.

And, when you raise your daily “carb-intake” you simply continue to consume the same four meals, every four walking hours for “four” consecutive days.

For example a macro-nutrient of 50-30-20 or 60-20-20 is considered a moderate approach. In this healthy diet plan you can read how to use macro-nutrients for creating the perfect weight loss meals.

You can do this as many times as you want, and can create some impressive weight loss results.

The best “low-carb” days are Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, because then from Thursday to Sunday you can eat normal amounts of carbohydrates and never experience the negative “side-effects” that come from using conventional low-carb approaches!

Okay, I have given you the Atkins Diet Foods To Eat, and the tips on how to effectively use a low-carb approach. Make sure that you read the articles on my site about low-carb dieting, and about the importance of drinking plenty of water!

By the way, if you add simple “walking” to your weight loss program, you might even be “shocked” by the fat loss results that you will produce in the nearest future!

Good luck, and hopefully this article about Atkins Diet Foods To Eat, and my “low-carb-tips” will help you to reach your weight loss goals as quick as possible!


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