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Weight Loss Tips & Secrets


The Best Ab Workouts, How You Can Create 6 Pack Abs!

In this section, ab workouts, I will cover abdominal training, and explain what it really takes to create a flat stomach with six pack abs!

First of all, abdominal training will strengthen your stomach muscles, and this is very important. But for the 6-pack abs to become “visible” you have to reach a low body fat.

For most men, this will be when you reach a 10% body fat percentage, and for most women, this will be when you reach a 15% body fat percentage.

The fact is that many people have six pack abs naturally, without doing any kind of exercises at all. These are people who have mesomorph or ectomorph-dominant body types, and have been gifted with the genetics (fast metabolism) that helps them to keep their body fat percentages “low” year round.

In this weight loss secrets article you will find all the information about body types and can use this information for creating a weight loss plan that will work especially well for you!

Anyway, the people with the third body type, the endomorphs, are the ones that are struggling to create a flat stomach because they were born with a slow metabolism and to lose weight fast they need to help their bodies burn off the calories that are in the food they consume on a daily basis.

What this means is that endomorphs need very little food to maintain their current weight, and because of this they easily gain unwanted body fat —when they consume more calories than their body can burn during the day!

When it comes to creating a flat stomach and bringing into reality “6-pack abs,” it is important to know not only what works, but also what doesn’t work. The reason for this is simple: If you spend months in the gym doing ineffective and inefficient exercises, you will get discouraged and eventually will give up.

Even if you buy a year-long membership, to force yourself to stick to your weight training program, if you do not get the results you are after, you most likely will stop going to the gym since it will seem like a waste of your precious time.

The best ab workouts are as simple and comprehensible — yet, an amazing amount of “ineffective” workout strategies and “products” have been created for this body part.

The reason for this is simple: One of the strongest desires that both men and women have is to create and then maintain a flat stomach, and because of this many manufacturers and diet gurus take advantage of this fact.

A good example are the TV abdominal machines. Those lightweight gizmos that allow you to rock back and forth while doing a crunch are a complete joke, and should be avoided if you want an ab workout that will produce results!

The kind of power your abs are capable of is amazing, especially if we consider that there are professional bodybuilders doing crunches with 300 pounds of additional weight to increase the overload to the targeted abdominal muscles!

Taking this into account it is obvious that cheap exercise TV abdominal machines are a waste of your money, and should never be used as an approach for building a flat stomach and 6 pack abs. 


The first thing you need to know is that the so called ‘love handles’ are created by the deposition of extra fat around the midsection.

This is common in men, whereas women tend to have extra fat deposited in the hips and thighs.

So to target these specific areas and create specific goals we need to know the measurement of your midsection. Wrap a tape measure around your abdomen at the widest area of your ‘love handles’ and record the measurement.

Creating your own goal setting chart is one of the most effective ways to create 6 packs abs and bring into reality a flat stomach.

This step will help you to develop the best possible approach that will include your ab workouts, and all the other steps that will be necessary for you to create a lean, healthy body and reach your ideal body weight!

Your next step should be to measure your body fat percentage, and create your own weekly weight loss chart. Once you have these measurements of your abdomen, your body fat percentage, and have created your weeklyweight loss chart it will be easy to track your progress on a weekly basis.

The current reality that you will see in your chart will confirm if you are moving toward your major health goal, standing still, or moving away form your goal!


The real secret to creating a flat stomach is to lose all unwanted body fat that you currently have, and to make this a reality you need to burn more calories than you consume.

A great way to do that is to engage in low to medium intensity cardioworkout routines such as walking outside, walking on a treadmill, using a stationary bike, using a treadmill, or using an elliptical machine.

The real key is to make certain that the intensity is low enough so that you can do cardio training every day of the week.

Low to medium intensity means you should be able to carry on a normal conversation or talk on the telephone while you’re doing this exercise.

Higher intensity than that requires more time off between workouts and that means less activity and fat burning.

Using weight training workouts is also a very effective strategy, because nothing beats adding more muscle to your body as it increases your 24/7 calorie burn and makes it easier to keep the fat off, and helps in many other areas also!


When starting with ab workouts ,start with simple crunches and then work your way up to more complex exercises little by little.

The most intense exercise you can do to target your abdominal muscles is to perform weighted crunches.

Adding weight to crunches increase the overload to the target muscles and allows you to employ progressive overload, which is an indispensable condition to muscular hypertrophy. This should be done when you reach an intermediate level.

Lie on your back with the handle of a low pulley behind your head.

Grasp the handle and pull the slack out of the cable. Using your abdominal muscles, raise your shoulders and upper torso off the floor while lifting the weight stack two inches.

Use a weight you can only hold in a static contraction for five seconds. Each time you do this exercise try to increase the weight ten percent.

Here is a full list of exercise for working out your abdominals and creating a flat stomach and brining into being 6 pack abs! Once you reach an intermediate level you can look into using some of these exercises also.


1a) Lower Abs: bent knee abdominal hip raises, decline abdominal crunches, reverse decline crunches, flat bench abdominal leg pull, flat bench abdominal leg raises, hanging knee to chin raises, hanging abdominal leg raises, hanging knees to head raises, parallel bar abdominal knee raises, lying reverse abdominal crunches, abdominal flutter kicks, medicine ball leg raises, inverted exercise ball leg pulls, weighted hand to leg abdominal crunches


1b) Middle and Upper Abs: abdominal crunch machine, abdominal cable crunches, barbell abdominal rollouts, abdominal butt raises, overhead abdominal crunches, legs on exercise ball abdominal crunches, abdominal crunches, exercise ball abdominal crunches, fingers to toes abdominal crunches, straight arm abdominal crunches, raised knee barbell crunches, abdominal sit ups, abdominal toe touchers, abdominal tuck crunches, medicine ball crunches


1c) Oblique Exercises (Love Handles): flutter kick oblique crunches, fingers to heel oblique touchers, barbell oblique side bends, oblique crunches, oblique decline crunches, dumbbell oblique side bends, hanging oblique knee raises, elbow to knee oblique crunches, lying side oblique crunches, oblique plate twists, oblique twists, seated oblique barbell twists, lying oblique leg raises 


A wider midsection can also be visually minimized by a having a wider upper body. While you are whittling down your midsection, it really helps to add a little more size to your upper body and create more of the desirable vaunted ‘V’ shape!

The single best exercise for this is the lat pulldown. You can perform this exercise in the conventional way but if you really want to increase efficiency and intensity try doing it the static contraction way with a weight that is so heavy you can only hold it for five seconds in the first two inches of the downward range. You have to feel it to believe it!

Without a doubt, weight training is something that helps the endomorphs to maintain their muscle mass during the weight loss phase of their program, and helps to build additional muscle after they reach their ideal weight.

When you build more muscle, your body burns more body fat, because muscle is a metabolically active tissue, and your body must expand a lot of energy (calories) to maintain it.

This means that the more muscle you have the more calories you will burn during the day. This is the ultimate way for the endomorph to raise their metabolisms!


Once per week you should measure the girth of your midsection, our body fat percentage, and your weigh-ins. Even the slightest improvement in these measurements and in your weekly weight loss chart are enormously motivating.

When you have a major health goal it is very important to be able to measure progress toward that goal. Don’t forget this important step.

Having a goal setting chart and a weekly weight loss chart is a must of you want to create a lean, healthy body and reach your ideal weight.

The reason for this is simple: This helps you stay focused on the current reality in your life and provides an objective way to keep track of your progress.

No matter what you believe you can or can’t do, when you have a goal setting chart and a weekly weight loss chart, you will be able to keep moving toward your major health goal without giving up or quitting.

So make sure you do not skip this part, and make use of these two amazing tools that I have created for you!


Reducing love handles, creating a flat stomach and bringing into reality 6 pack abs is a simple matter of reducing overall body fat through daily low to medium intensity calorie burning and tightening the underlying muscles to improve shape.

Perform the recommended aerobics every day and workout your abs twice per week on a regular basis.

People with an endomorph dominant body type have to use an effective nutrition and exercise strategy for life to reach these low body fat percentages!

The best approach to creating six pack abs is to treat them as a separate muscle group, that you train with all the other muscle groups.

If you want 6 pack abs, concentrate on burning fat using proper nutrition and doing your cardio-exercises on a regular basis.

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