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A Supplemental Beauty Boost Presented by Beauty Research

Scottsdale, AZ (PRWEB) February 04, 2014

Women around the world spend billions on beauty products to help improve the appearance of their hair, skin and nails every year. Still, many ignore one of the most important keys to beauty–having healthy skin, hair and nail cells. Proper nutrition is essential to helping women look their best as much as it is for helping them feel their best. The latest article by BeautyResearch.com, A Supplemental Beauty Boost, discusses nutrients that are beneficial for specific beauty concerns.

The human body requires 13 essential vitamins plus minerals and essential fatty acids to remain in good health, but many women struggle to get all of the nutrition they need from diet alone. What can women who are unable to eat healthy balanced meals every day do to promote good health? How can supplements for general nutrition be beneficial from a beauty standpoint? Are there any supplements on the market that are known for providing complete nutrition for women? To find out, visit BeautyResearch.com or click


Damaged, thin and lifeless hair and stubby, weakened nails are two common beauty problems that can be addressed with nutrition. What nutrients are beneficial for women who want thicker hair and healthier nails? How do the nutrients help the body? Which beauty supplements on the market are best for women who want healthier nails and hair? To find out, visit BeautyResearch.com or click


Acne is typically thought of as a topical problem, but in reality, there are ways to address chronic breakouts with a healthy diet. Which vitamins and minerals are beneficial for acne sufferers? What role can herbs play in helping to control acne and which ones are best? Are there any dietary supplements on the market that are especially beneficial for those with acne? To find out, visit BeautyResearch.com or click


Stretch marks and sagging skin are two other conditions that women typically address only with topical products, ignoring how nutrition could help them improve their skin texture. How is nutrition related to lost skin elasticity? Which specific nutrients can benefit those with sagging skin and stretch marks? Are there any beneficial supplements designed specifically for these problems? To find out, visit BeautyResearch.com or click


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