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whats up guys its Max Barry owner of Max’s Best Boot camp and this is your 7 minute workout for fat loss let’s go this is a full-length seven min hiit workout routine that requires absolutely no equipment whatsoever it’s six body weight exercises 50 seconds each followed by a 20-second rest period in between it’s an all-out cardio and core blast so let’s get into the work out right now

alright guys time to get into this thing the first move starts in five seconds it’s twisters gonna be a cardio and core blast 3 2 1 go going to twisters to the side bring the knees up nice and wide right away get the heart rate up now we’re doing each move 50 seconds each 20 seconds rest in between and the key is to go all out the whole time net if you get tired you can go ahead and bring it up like this or the twister message up too much you can just bring me up just like this looking good not me bring the high now every time we bring the feet up above the waist working

those lower abs to cardio and core last 10 seconds keep going who feeling good 54321 time kick it out a little bit our next move is going to be all core work we’re going to hit the deck it’s a side plank okay for work in we’re going to switch halfway we’re going to start around the corner on hand and right below the shoulder stack the feet up and we got this good side poles our side plank we’re going to pulse up pulse it up good pulse it up wanting more for work like before on here up now the sideline is too much

go ahead and bring this foot / it’s going to be a little more stable or go underneath like this halfway other side good or working pulse it up pull it up getting those openings nice 10 seconds left drive it up and you can just all the plan to get tired 32 on time good backup next move is going to be a sprinter lunge with me drive and we’re also going to switch halfway to the other leg first move the first part of this move is sprinter lunch so we’re gonna go ahead and start big step back right here three two one go

drive it up touch the ground like this printer and notice the back knee is not going down around it’s a bigger step that really watch an extended lunch for some extra gluten hamstring work driving in drive it up big step back big step back down right there halfway through the other side right here who o that’s upper body on the leg touchdown drive it up let’s go next who three two one time legs and cardio right there good next move is going to be another core drill let’s hit the deck hands right below the shoulders take a deep breath now this is a superhero plank

we’re going to be reaching opposite foot three two one go right and left foot left hand right now this is too much you can just go hand-in-hand but not be going and point who superhero and superheroes abs ha ha it out one Mississippi count on the hole halfway there already who heart rates up so we’re slowing things when this superhero plank major chord total for working oh maybe 10 more seconds one Mississippi on the whole 54321 time backup good last two moves finish this thing up strong with you guys next move is going to be a cardio leg blast

it’s a touch jack and we’re going to be starting with the feet wide apart sumo stance going to touch and then do a jump gentleman go in and out touchdown kinda like sumo squat so you know working those glutes and working those legs touch it down touch it down now when we touch that means we’re definitely getting low so working the glutes toes out 45 degrees at the bottom when we touch chest up shoulders that she’s working to get tired step-step not me in and out in and out 15 seconds let’s go to our final two moves on this thing hope you guys like me seven-minute workout

last we may just have to keep them coming thumbs up if you haven’t already read to one time we were good last meal let’s finish this thing up it’s a two-by-four combo it’s gonna be two floor to sky and then we’re going to hit the deck and do for playing shoulder taps are deep breath 3 2 1 go to Florida Scott 12 down position for shoulder test 234 who 2 1 2 3 4 12 back again 1234 let’s get out that’s too and you can always add push up in here if you like one out let’s finish it out 20 seconds who o 1 2 3 4 12 and I’m 10 seconds push 3412 down 1234 time awesome job you guys if this is your

Holy workout ok you can go ahead and repeat that one two three more times making it a 15 up to a 30-minute cardio abs blast if you’ve already worked out today you can use this as a burnout finisher at the end of your session we hope you like this fat burning 7 minute workout video if you did be sure to give it a thumbs up subscribe to the channel share this video and if you have any questions about this routine or ideas for future videos post all that down in the comments section below thanks for watching this video have an awesome day! time to burn it’s burning it’s burning up it’s burning up it burns blazing up in here.

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