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Weight Loss Tips & Secrets



what’s up guys it’s Max Barry,owner of Max’s Best Bootcamp and this is your 5 minute flat stomach fat melter kettlebell abs workout – let’s go! five moves, one kettlebell, no sit-ups no crunches This intense ab workout will melt belly fat fast.

be sure to get in a quick warmup and were about to get into this thing right now! All right you guys its going down 3,2,1, go – move number one kettlebell sumo dead lift high pull, to a low heel click crazy right off the bat.

if you’ve never done this heel click exercise before, its awesome core and strength next move is plank jacks, hand on the kettleball or on the ground.

Cardio and core combined next move is a rotational core drill, kettlebell elbow strikers next exercise is an extended plank variation with hand taps in front.

Take your time throughout this movement.

Total body control is where its at here keep moving that body alright last move is a 3 by 3 finish this workout strong right now with me.

three froggers, three tuck jumps awesome job you guys, those flat abs are already looking tighter for sure if you like that hiit abs workout video be sure to smash the like button, subscribe to our channel share this with a friend if you think you’ll enjoy it too and if you have any questions about this ab workout for ideas for future workout videos go ahead and post all that down in the comment section below thank you for watching this video you guys have an awesome day.

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