Weight Loss Tips & Secrets

Weight Loss Tips & Secrets


4 Diet Plans that can Help You Lose 10 or More Pounds Fast

Diets, Diets, Diets! It seems that’s all we can think about when we need to lose weight! Every time we turn on the TV or look at a magazine it seems there is a brand new one staring us in the face! It can be hard enough living with yourself when you are overweight, much less trying to wade through the mass of information concerning all the diets and weight loss products on the market and trying to choose one to try.

Healthy Busy Day Cake (aka Blender Cake!)

One of the most important things to remember when going on a diet is to pick one that, while effective, is still HEALTHY. You don’t want to compromise your health just to lose a few pounds. Here are 4 diet plans that been shown to have a good combination of being effective AND healthy:

High Protein Diet

In the world of food, protein means Animals. Yes, there ARE some other foods that contain protein, but animals are the biggie. Lean beef, fish, and turkey make up the bulk of this diet. A high Protein diet can be an effective weight loss tool in that protein has the ability to make you feel fuller for longer periods of time. In addition, it contains only 4 calories per gram versus fat which contains 9, and while carbohydrates contain the same as protein, they do not make us feel satiated like proteins. The ratios of Proteins to Fats and Carbohydrates vary with different diets so be sure to investigate several before you take the plunge.

Low Carb Diet

Eating few or NO carbs has become much more popular with diets such as the Atkins Program. With this diet, you lower your carb intake to almost zero. This puts your body into a state called KETOSIS which means your body is now using fats as its primary fuel source versus carbohydrates. You basically eat nothing but Fast and Proteins. This diet is a bit controversial because of its high Fat content, but many studies have proven it safe as even though you are eating a lot of fat, your body is burning it for fuel thus not allowing it to cause harm.

High Fiber Diet

Fiber is an interesting ingredient found in fruits, vegetables, nuts and legumes, and whole wheat breads and pastas. It acts as nature’s ROTO ROOTER and basically allows harmful toxins to cling to it and is then removed from the body rather than being digested. (some soluble fiber IS digested, but insoluble is passed right through) High fiber foods make us feel full longer, and slow the process of digestion which allows more nutrients to be absorbed. More nutrients mean your body can perform optimally while the slower digestion means you won’t be hungry for some time.

Juice Diets

One type of diet that has been around for awhile but is making a comeback as of late is the Juice Diet. You basically drink a certain type of juice everyday for a specified period of time, and that is IT. This diet can be hard to stick with as you won’t eat any real food, but it can detox and cleanse your body ridding it of unwanted waste and built up fecal matter causing significant weight loss in some cases.

No matter which diet you choose, make sure to do your research as varying degrees of ingredients and time limits make up each diet. If in doubt, visit your doctor before undertaking any radical altering of your food intake.

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