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4-Cycle Fat Loss Review Released by Boot Camp Workouts Expert Mike Whitfield

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) October 22, 2012

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Bootcamp Workouts expert Mike Whitfield, who was once 300 pounds himself, released his official review of Shaun Hadsall’s 4-Cycle Fat Loss Program.

“Being a former big guy myself, I still enjoy my carbohydrates and fortunately, this program is a solution to allow myself to more carbohydrates and still keep my weight off,” said Whitfield.

This is the perfect solution for someone who enjoys food but has struggled with diets in the past. Most diets deliver nothing but consistent hunger pangs and frustrations due to the strict nature of the diet. However, with the 4-Cycle Fat Loss Program, a person can enjoy themselves and still lose weight.

Other diets frown upon you enjoying yourself even a little bit, however with Shaun’s approach, someone following the 4-Cycle Fat Loss Program can enjoy life and still lose weight. They don’t have to be the oddball in the party that avoids the cake anymore. Not only that, but Shaun has a unique passion to helping people lose weight without the restrictive meal plans that most other diets force you to wolf down.

After meeting with Shaun last week, he explained to Whitfield exactly how the system works and why it works. After reading through the program, Whitfield mentioned he was blown away at its simplicity.

Anyone from athletes to someone just starting out on a weight loss plan will certainly benefit from this program. It’s a solution that was badly needed. His favorite part of the 4-Cycle Fat Loss Program is the Diet Break.

“I’m human and I still enjoy my favorite foods including pancakes. Thanks to Shaun’s breakthrough program, I can eat pancakes and still lose weight,” said Whitfield.

According the program’s website, the program includes 4 easy-to-follow cycles that allows people to eat their favorite foods and still lose weight. More information on 4 Cycle Fat Loss is available at http://4-CycleFatLoss.com/.

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