Weight Loss Tips & Secrets

Weight Loss Tips & Secrets


2010 Weight Loss Trends

Every year we hear about some new diet trend. Some fail and some succeed. One of these crazes that hit America is shockingly video games. Nintendo is the pioneer of this video game weight loss revolution. With the Nintendo Wii, you are required to get up and move otherwise the game will not function properly. This one has become a huge success. People of all ages are getting up and playing with their Wiis. They have done so well that Microsoft XBOX and Sony Playstation have attempted to ride this wave. Neither has still yet to succeed.

2010 brought us the healthy shoes. Skechers, Reebok and newbie FitFlop have designed shoes that supposedly tighten your thighs and butt. We have failed to see anyone tone up or lose any weight walking in these space ship looking shoes. This craze is definitely a flop.

With the cost of gas on the rise, there is a new revolution of bicyclists and walkers. Though the reasoning behind it is not health conscious, it is definitely a healthy switch from sitting in traffic for an hour and snacking on french fries and a drinking soda. People living in larger, metropolitan cities have set off bipedal and by pedal. Similar to traditional ride-sharing programs, some cities across the country are offering bike share programs. Exercise, whether walking or biking, is a part of a very healthy diet. This is probably one of the biggest and best diet crazes in history.

Watching trans-fat intake is definitely always healthy. Trans-fats raise cholesterol and cause artery blockage. There are cities and states that are beginning to ban trans-fat from restaurants. Eating healthy has no risks or harmful effects so we can chalk this one up as a success.

Last we will look at this whole super fruit craze we have currently. Most of us have heard Oprah and other television shows called Acai the big super fruit. Other examples of super fruits include pomegranate, goji berries, and maqui berries. These fruits are truly full of antioxidants which protect us cancer and other harmful diseases. The problem is that companies are marketing these super fruits in a pill form. This process removes it from its natural form and it will become less effective, if not non-effective. All of the free radicals and toxins that make them “super fruits” are taken away. This disease is partly a success. It can only be successful if the fruit is consumed in its natural form.

When thinking of starting on a new diet, it is safer to consult your doctor about its effectiveness. This is the best way to make an informed decision before committing to a diet plan.

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